Bali Retreat uses stillness to reboot body and mind

Luxury Private Villa

Bali Retreat uses stillness to reboot body and mind

Held in the luxurious Bagus Jati resort, set amidst tranquil Balinese rainforest, ONE Life Retreats offer an exclusive combination of rounding and stillness techniques to reboot the mind and body, forming the foundation for a stress-free life. The luxurious private villas, five hectares of tropical gardens and forest, beautifully prepared nutritious meals, massage and yoga sessions, strike a balance between contemplative solitude and therapeutic repair. Retreat leader and founder of ONE Life Retreats, Tom Cronin, believes that everyone has the power within them to break this stress cycle and live a calm, happy and successful existence. 

The central component, exclusive to ONE Life Retreats, is stillness practices, which put the body and mind into the deep state of rest needed for repair. Tom discovered the power of stillness after a decade in the fast-paced world of finance left him anxious, depressed and ineffective in all areas of his life. What followed were fifteen years researching, developing and then teaching stillness sessions through the Science of Stillness.

“Imagine feeling peaceful, confident, totally relaxed and completely in control at your job, in your relationships and in your day-to-day life. ONE Life Retreats are designed to nurture and rejuvenate your body and mind as a step on the path to greater wellbeing,” Cronin says.

In Bali, Tom combines stillness with rounding, a 5000-year-old series of yoga poses, the breathing technique called Pranayama and resting poses. Added to this are wisdom talks covering four of life’s six primary areas: wealth, vision and careers; limiting beliefs; health, relationships and love; and spirituality.

Figures from the Australian Psychology Society reveal almost one-quarter of Australians have serious to severe stress, 18 per cent believe stress is having a strong to very strong impact on their mental health, and half consume alcohol as a way of dealing with stress.

Bali, in particular the mountains of Ubud where Bagus Jati is located, was chosen for its own stillness. This combined ONE Life Retreats program ensures guests not only unwind and recharge but also have a blueprint and techniques to rebalance and centre their minds when they return home.

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