Well Made In Cambodia Luxury Goods Markets




Shinta Mani Hotel Siem Reap is proud to announce the launch of  Well Made In Cambodia, a new monthly market and street fair specialising in exotic luxury goods and fine quality artisanal products. The markets, commencing on the 2 March, will be held in front of the Shinta Mani Hotel bringing together the finest examples of craftsmanship in Cambodia from internationally known artisans. Live entertainment, artist workshops and wholesome dishes are also on offer to top off the market’s festive and diverse offerings.

Guests who attend Well Made In Cambodia will have the opportunity to purchase fine quality artisanal products and luxury goods. Each item for sale has been produced by a new generation of talented Cambodians. Featured artisans and designers from the international market include Eric Raisina Haute Texture, Theam’s House, Saarti Candles, Eric Stocker Laque & Textures, Saomao, Grace Gecko Creations and more.

The greatest benefit of  Well Made In Cambodia will be to the local Cambodians through both direct income and skills development. The newly launching markets will be open to guests of the Shinta Mani hotel and the public, and will operate from 3pm to 9pm on the first Saturday of each month.


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