Green Family Hotel Stern

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Set in the stunning Tyrol region of Austria, this property was recently presented with the prestigious Trigos accolade, a coveted distinction awarded by the Tyrolean provincial government for outstanding corporate social responsibility. The environmetally-conscious strategies employed in the Family Hotel Stern mean that a stay there is completely carbon neutral.

Guests enjoy down-to-earth, authentic cuisine, based on delicious old recipes and prepared with locally sourced natural ingredients. Take the kids hunting for wild herbs, berries and fruit on a ‘Pick & Berry’ adventure, and have the hotel chefs convert your delicious finds into tasty treats. You can also lend a helping hand with the reforestation project, working side-by-side with committed locals.

For another rustic adventure, try Hay Snoring – snuggled up in a bed of hay, you spend the night outdoors. This ‘earthy’ holiday option is available in May and June 2013.

In order to contribute sustainably to climate protection, the Stern team has developed a range of strategies, in line with their slogan ’I take care of you, you take care of me’. This environmentally-conscious approach is already producing measurable results. For instance, CO2 emission was down to 294.03 t during the previous financial year, which corresponds to category ‘A’ in an international ranking. Changing over to green power, efficient heating and cooling, recycling, environmentally friendly cleaning systems, reduced wrapping in combination with increased cooperation with local suppliers shows an annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 5 to 10%.

The beauty of all this is that CO2 emission that can’t be saved is compensated by supporting two projects fostering the development of regional and global climate protection. These carbon-offset programmes include sustainable forest management in southern Vietnam and reforestation of the Mieminger Sonnenplateau’s meadow orchards, benefitting the Stern’s immediate surroundings in Obsteig.

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