Korea’s Speciality Food Streets


Gourmet travellers looking to experience the cuisine and culture of Korea should look no further than the delicious food themed streets throughout Korea. For those looking for a spicy experience Seoul’s Topokki Street in Sindang-dong is a must. Travellers can indulge on Topokki which is made by stir-frying or boiling seasoned cylinder shaped rice cakes in a very authentic spicy sauce. For those who appreciate the taste of Tofu, then visit Chodang Tofu Street, which is located in a small village surrounded by a lush forest of 500 year old pine trees near the city of Gangneung. Travellers can enjoy the finer tastes of Tofu cooked using traditional cooking practices. 

For a truly unique seafood experience Chueotang Street in Namwon will deliver divine fish soup which is cooked using local ingredients and catches. The fish is cooked with soybean paste, cabbage leaves and perilla seeds.  english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto


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