Sir Richard Branson Opens Mahali Mzuri

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The latest addition to the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio, Mahali Mzuri has been celebrated this week with Sir Richard Branson leading the traditional Maasai opening ceremony. The ceremony, which comes six years after Richard originally became a recognised tribal Maasai Elder in 2007, took place on the plains near Mahali Mzuri and began with opening prayers. Along with the eight elders, Sir Richard Branson blessed the camp with prayers, honey and some celebratory beer.


A ceremonial fire was the centrepiece of the ceremony, which was created using traditional fire sticks and olive branches placed onto the fire to produce smoke which drifted through the camp as a sign of a blessing. Singing, dancing and a celebratory feast also commemorated the day.  

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Mahali Mzuri is situated within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy in the Maasai Mara ecosystem of Kenya, about 240 kilometres west of Nairobi. Mahali Mzuri conists of 12 luxury sleeper tents and can cater for a maximum 24 guests at the one time.

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