Introducing Breeze Spa For Men

Breeze - spa for men

Step aside ladies, Asia’s Breeze Spa is now offering exclusive treatments catered for men only. Breeze Spa has established itself as a top Asian spa brand offering treatments that are positive, caring and nurturing, and have now added an additional component to their spa menu catered to the male population. From stress releasing deep tissue massages to a grooming for the hands and feet, Breeze has developed several treatments for men, a demographic which has previously been relatively un-catered for. The new treatments are designed to complement a variety of male lifestyles, from the business traveller to the sports enthusiast. 

Men’s Treatment Menu

Workaholics Reprieve

For men spending too much time sitting at a desk, looking at a computer, this is the one stop solution. Focusing on the back, neck, shoulders and head, this massage uses high-pressure techniques to work out all the tension build-ups that come with working nine-to-five.

As Good As New

Using a combination of powerful techniques from Thailand and China, this massage specialises in relieving every last bit of tension that has been stored throughout the body. From head-to-toe this massage is sure to leave you feeling like a new man.

Work It Out

Perfect for those who have taken their exercise regime a little too far. Focusing on the back, neck and shoulders, smooth volcanic hot stones alleviate even the deepest muscle tension. And in case that’s not enough, muscles are then kneaded and stretched to remove any leftover lactic acids, with a calming scalp massage to finish.

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