Cover all bases: Mobile Travel Agents’ new Zero Flight Risk

MTA JW-1513

“Don’t let your money go away without you.”

This is the tagline paired with MTA’s ground-breaking launch of Zero Flight Risk. The concept is one that will allow MTA to offer its clients complete coverage when purchasing any travel products and services. LATTE attended a luncheon on Tuesday that first publicised this exciting new development, hosted by MTA’s co-managing directors Roy and Karen Merricks at Sydney’s Park Hyatt. Special industry guests included AFTA CEO Jayson Westbury, Virtuoso global CEO, Matthew Upchurch and the home-based agency group’s brand ambassador and intrepid round-the-world sailor, Jessica Watson (pictured above). All were on hand to show support for this huge step for the travel industry.

Since the Travel Compensation Fund (TCF) was dismantled in June 2014, clients of the travel industry have not been assured insurance in the wake of business and service collapse. To put this in perspective, if one considers that in 2012 alone a total of 44 airlines went bankrupt, not to mention businesses in other transport services or tour providers, this is a risky thing to put your money on.

Zero Flight Risk is a first for an Australian company, and makes MTA an even more trusted source of travel adviser than ever before, as they vow to cover any travel products or services their clients purchase, even in the case of a company disbanding. Due to this, the protection provided by ZFR goes much further than what the former Travel Compensation Fund was ever able to supply. Since the TCF collapsed, there have been no policies implemented to protect the travelling public should a supplier fold or become insolvent. ZFR provides the solution.

A social media campaign is set to launch in the middle of this year (tenuously May or June), that will allow MTA’s clients to submit photos of a piggy bank travelling all over the world, playing again on the “Don’t let your money go away without you” concept. The winner of this competition will be the person who manages to capture the best image – and will receive the grand prize of a Honda Jazz.


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