Ice-cream burgers at InterContinental Hong Kong


InterContinental Hong Kong’s Lobby Lounge is a favourite venue for both Hong Kong locals and visitors alike, with its panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong Island skyline. Now a new selection of Gourmet Burgers and creative Ice -Cream Burgers will be making the Lobby Lounge an even more popular stop for a daytime or evening treat.

The new Gourmet Burger Menu, available from 29 June 2015,  features a variety of internationally inspired burger creations ranging from “The American”, “The French”, “The Mexican” and “The Asian” to a Salmon Burger and “Go Green” Burger. The burgers are made from organic, natural, free-range or grass-fed meat and are served with homemade buns and natural and antibiotic-free cheese.

A range of refreshing still and sparkling drinks and specialty beers are available to pair with the burgers for an additional HK$65.

Gourmet burger prices range from HK$268 for the 200g Go Green Burger to HK$1,388 for a 1000g Super-sized American burger. 

New Ice Cream Burgers

Executive Pastry Chef Cyril Dupuis has created an innovative menu of five different Ice-Cream Burgers with homemade buns and decadent fillings.

The menu includes:

–       The Australian: Macadamia / Blueberry Burger which features a brioche bun, Custard vanilla cream, Blueberry jam, Blueberry ice cream, Macadamia Ice cream, Whipped vanilla cream, Crumble, Mango juice and Fresh blueberries.

–       The American: Caramel/Chocolate Cookie Burger which consists of a brioche bun. Custard vanilla cream, Caramel salted ice cream, Cookie & chocolate ice cream, Whipped vanilla cream, Crumble, Caramelized water melon seeds, Caramel bonbons and Crumbled Cookies.

–       The French: Chocolate Burger which has a Chocolate brioche bun, Chocolate custard, Chocolate chips, Cookie & chocolate ice cream, Milk chocolate mousse, Brownies and Dark chocolate sauce.

–       The Spanish: Berry Crumble Burger which includes a Brioche bun, Custard vanilla cream, Strawberry jam, Strawberry ice cream, Raspberry ice cream, Vanilla ice cream, Crumble, Fresh raspberries & strawberries.

–       The Chinese: Sesame/Lemon Grass Burger which showcases a Brioche bun filled with Custard vanilla cream, Lemon grass ice cream, Black sesame ice cream, Whipped vanilla Ice cream, Crumble, White sesame sauce and Crumbled coconut cookies.

All ice cream burgers are HK$210. Available from 15 June through to 30 September.


15 June 2015

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