KTO’s ‘Write Your Name in Korea’ campaign


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Korea Tourism Organization has launched a global tourism campaign ‘Write Your Name in Korea’ which will run until the end of 2015. The campaign aims to enhance the image of Korea as a tourist destination, inviting all who love Korea and wish to visit Korea one day to participate in the campaign.

The campaign features ‘Sang Sang Gil’ (meaning “imagination road” in Korean), located in the city of Changwon on the southern coast of Korea.

The campaign consists of 2 major promotions, the first of which runs until 30 September 2015 at www.imagineyourkorea.com/write-your-name.

The first 23,000 applicants who successfully submit their name and nationality will be selected to have their names displayed on ‘Sang Sang Gil’. Among the applicants, one person per week, a total of 6 people will be randomly selected and granted an opportunity to visit Korea. The winner and 1 companion will be awarded round-trip air tickets to Korea, 3 nights’ accommodation and a 1-day tour of ‘Sang Sang Gil’ in Changwon.

In addition, if applicants of the above event visit ‘Sang Sang Gil’, they can receive special gifts and enjoy a free ride on the Changwon City Tour Bus. This promotion ends 31 December 2015.

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