The Peninsula Chicago launches Vedic Aromatherapy treatments

The Peninsula Spa at The Peninsula Chicago, USA, has introduced a new line of Vedic Aromatherapy treatments, Sattva by Simply Peninsula.
Sattva uses traditional techniques and benefits of Ayurveda but is combined with the added benefits of Aromatherapy and Marma techniques. Sattva treatments use rare and unique flora pharmacy of powerful vedic essential and base oils, providing a holistic sensory experience. Created in collaboration with Subtle Energies, Sattva is results-based wellness and Aromatherapy with Vedic traditions exclusively for The Peninsula brand.
Eight treatments are available:

Vedic Aromatherapy Massage:

This results-driven massage incorporates varied levels of pressure and therapeutic techniques to balance the prana (chi) while strengthening muscles, joints and drain the ama or toxins. This treatment will induce better sleep patterns, combat fatigue and reduce stress with the enhanced therapeutics of each massage blend.

Vedic Aromatherapy Full Body and Facial Marma Massage:

Rejuvenating and detoxifying. The treatment begins with a Vedic foot ritual, inducing calm and balance, followed by a full-body Marma massage incorporating warm Vedic Aromatherapy oils, Ayurveda strokes, therapeutic and lymphatic techniques, Marma therapy to boost the immune system, strengthen muscles and joints and balance the body’s prana (chi). The Kasa bowl technique assists in drawing out toxins and excessive heat from the body, while the heavenly facial Marma massage enhances the anti-ageing benefits of this treatment.

Khushali Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub:

This exfoliation ritual begins with an aromatic foot soak together with a blend of mineral-rich pink Himalayan crystal salts and specifically blended rare essential oils, to create strong exfoliation therapy. This revitalising treatment stimulates circulation and minimises the appearance of cellulite, leaving the skin feeling nourished with a luxurious silky feel.

Tulasi Detox Body Polish:

This refreshing treatment will gently exfoliate devitalised skin. A grounding mineral foot soak starts the treatment, followed by a full-body exfoliation with powerful essential oils, cinnamon powder and polished walnut shell leaving your skin feeling nurtured and smooth. A detoxifying blend of the rare yet proven Vedic Aromatherapy oils soften and hydrate the skin for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation, leaving the skin feeling nurtured and smooth.

Khushali Reviving Signature Journey:

  • Sattva Signature Foot Ritual
  • Khushali Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt Scrub
  • Age Defying Facial Marma Massage
  • Vedic Aromatherapy Massage

This invigorating journey includes well-rounded treatments to increase circulation, energise the body and mind, reducing the appearance of cellulite, drain the lymphatics, release muscle tension and energise, while inducing better sleep, and enhance the skin’s natural anti-ageing abilities.

Tulasi Detox Signature Journey:

  • Sattva Signature Foot Ritual
  • Tulasi Detoxifying Body Polish
  • Age Defying Facial Marma Massage
  • Vedic Aromatherapy Massage

This Detox journey starts with a mineral-rich aromatic soak, creating a sensory rich start to the client’s journey. The Tulasi Detox Body Polish incorporates cinnamon and walnut shells to eliminate dead skin cells, drain toxins, detoxify and leave the skin with a renewed radiance. The results-driven Vedic Aromatherapy massage will drain the lymphatics, release muscle tension and energise, while inducing better sleep. The signature Facial Marma massage enhances the skin’s natural anti-ageing abilities.

Podi Signature Journey:

  • Sattva Signature Foot Ritual
  • Podi (herbal powder poultice) with warm oil Massage
  • Vedic Aromatherapy Massage

This signature journey includes Podikhizhi, a remarkable therapy performed with dried herb powders wrapped in muslin bolus bags, dipped in warm oil and fomented over the entire body. Focusing on any specific areas of pain and inflammation, this therapy is effective for water retention, sports injuries, muscular and nerve pain, all types of soft tissue inflammation and joint problems. This journey is completed with the results-driven Vedic Aromatherapy massage to drain the lymphatics, release muscle tension and energise.

Sattva Shirodhara with Facial Marma Therapy:

Designed to instill deep relaxation and bring balance to the body and mind, techniques of Shirodhara, Marma massage and signature Vedic Aromatherapy essential oils are used in this treatment. After the detoxifying foot ritual, clients enjoy an age-defying facial mask, together with a  signature facial Marma massage addressing the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté. The ancient technique of Shirodhara is then performed by the pouring of oil on the forehead, resulting in a state of deep relaxation and meditation. Best results are achieved when treatment is performed in a series.

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