Exploring the White Desert


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White Desert, the world’s first and only luxury camp in the interior of Antarctica, has announced the launch of its new website.

The site now alternates between light and dark according to the exact number of daylight hours in Antarctica. As the seasons slowly change from total darkness in winter to the 24hrs of summer sun, the new website echoes that transition.

It also showcases some never before seen drone footage. From iridescent blue ice tunnels to kite skiing across the high polar plateau, the footage is nothing short of surreal.

“Filming with drones has allowed us to capture the beauty of Antarctica in a totally new way,” says Robyn Woodhead,  a veteran polar explorer and director of White Desert.

“Most people believe it to be simply flat and white, but the reality is far more enchanting.”

White Desert flies a small number of clients from Cape Town, South Africa to a specialist ice runway in Antarctica, before they are transferred to a newly refurbished and ecological camp. Previous clients include Prince Harry as he skied to the South Pole, TV presenter Bear Grylls, and a variety of entrepreneurs looking for adventure but not too much in the way of hardship.

Adventures range from day trips (€9,800 per person) to 8-day programmes that fly all the way to the South Pole priced at €62,000 per person.

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