Herbal therapy at The Chinese Restaurant


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In Chinese food therapy, herbs are commonly used to add therapeutic value to gastronomic delights, and combining tonic herbs with other ingredients is a practice inherited from ancient China. During January and February 2016, The Chinese Restaurant’s Head Chef Kwai-kai Lo will introduce a series of Chinese herb-infused dishes that are both nutritious and delicious at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Guests can feast on Chef Lo’s top recommendation, pan-fried fillet of pigeon with wolfberries and osmanthus sauce.

Angelica is another popular Chinese herb used to prepare nourishing treats. This ingredient is featured in Lo’s clay pot-braised chicken with Chinese angelica, red dates and ginger which is believed to be beneficial for blood circulation. Alternatively, guests may also sample stir-fried shredded fish with tianma for improving insomnia and vertigo.

Other herbal culinary creations include clay pot-braised oxtail with tangshen, double-boiled Shanghainese pork dumpling soup with ginseng, braised duck with stuffed barley or double-boiled fish maw soup with conch and wolfberries.

The Chinese Restaurant combines a modern Art Deco design masterfully blended with the essence of a traditional 1920s tea house, serving authentic Cantonese dishes. There are two private rooms for 8 and 12 persons respectively.

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