Bushmen Experience with andBeyond


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A new experience curated for andBeyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge, the Interpretative Bushmen Experience, has been announced.

Included in the guests’ stay at Xudum, guided Bushmen, also known as the San people, are one of the continents oldest inhabitants, with ancestral roots tracing back to over 30,000 years. They are highly skilled hunter-gatherers who use bows and poisoned arrows, traps and throwing sticks, fashioned out of raw materials found in the wilderness. Three Bushmen lead this exception half-day adventure, where guests will be introduced to their various hunting and survivalist techniques.

This authentic cultural experience uses nature as a guide throughout the journey. Guests have the opportunity to follow the Bushmen as they interpret the many natural findings along the walk, which they would use to find their food source, be it game, wild vegetables, fruits or insects.

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