New Japan Kumamoto convention centre opening in 2019


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The city of Kumamoto, located in west Japan, has unveiled plans for a new convention centre to be opened in 2019.

Kumamoto is set apart by its history, culture, fresh spring water and abundant environmental splendour. Ever since the construction of Kumamoto Castle in 1607 by feudal lord Kiyomasa Kato, the city has flourished as a castle-town, and today has an urban population of 740,000 with over a million residents in the greater urban region.

Kumamoto City continues to develop as Kyushu’s governmental, economic, cultural, medical and educational hub. In addition, Kumamoto continues to increase its appeal as an international city and has its sights on becoming a MICE destination of choice.

Kumamoto Prefecture is also peppered with natural and historical heritage sites such as Mt Aso — one of the world’s few caldera volcanoes — and Amakusa, an archipelago made up of more than 100 islands of various sizes. Whether it’s the city’s historical heritage and traditional arts symbolised by Kumamoto Castle, the natural spring water, fresh fruits and vegetables and delicious local cuisine enriched by Mt Aso, or the accommodations, convention facilities, shopping districts and compact city infrastructure, Kumamoto is determined to become a one-of-a-kind MICE experience.

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