SWISS flies to New York with an all-female crew

SWISS_all-female crew

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SWISS marked International Women’s Day by operating its flight LX 22 from Geneva to New York with an all-female crew in both the cockpit and the cabin.

The two-member cockpit crew and ten-strong cabin crew consisted solely of female personnel. In marking the occasion this way, SWISS aims to inspire more women to embark on careers within the company that are still largely a male preserve.

While women make up the majority of SWISS’s maître de cabine and flight attendant corps, they are still in the clear minority on the flight deck, where the present 55 women pilots account for just over 4% of the 1308-member cockpit crew corps.

“The proportion of female pilots is rising, though,” says Head of Human Resources Reto Schmid, “and we’re very pleased about that. SWISS is very keen to support women at work and promote their careers. And we would love to see their numbers grow, especially in our technical fields. We also aim to have more female staff in management positions.”

International Women’s Day was also marked by other companies within the Lufthansa Group. Four further long-haul flights – by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines – also headed for New York with nearly all-women crews.

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