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Catering to the constantly evolving needs and preferences of today’s sophisticated travellers, the world-renowned hospitality brand Banyan Tree has developed an innovative and integrated marketing services platform that brings together its range of products and services under one roof: Banyan Tree Lifestyle.

Supported by more than two decades of experience in hospitality and property development and a portfolio of over 38 hotels and resorts, 70 spas, 90 retail galleries, three golf courses, and a destination club with access to over 100 villas around the world and residential sales across seven countries; the Banyan Tree Group offers investment and lifestyle solutions that enables investors, their families and guests to enjoy bespoke travel experiences across the globe.

Banyan Tree Lifestyle offers Bespoke Travel Journeys exclusively available through its global network of Independent Consultants. These carefully curated themed journeys feature one-of-a-kind travel experiences that focus on unconventional tours that provide an immersive and unique travel experience in several of Banyan Tree’s global locations. Guests could commune with members of various destinations in a bid not only to enjoy a memorable holiday but also raise awareness about the locale’s culture, traditions and issues that the community faces.

Themed programmes such as spa and wellness, adventure travel, gastronomy holidays and educational holidays are available. With our seamless brand of SERVICE AS ONE concept across different Banyan Tree Group properties, Banyan Tree Lifestyle presents the best each destination has to offer, in style.

Banyan Tree Lifestyle in conjunction with Banyan Tree Spa Phuket proudly presented an exclusive wellness experience for self-discovery and achieving mindfulness… Antarika, a healing movement system devised by Nirmala Seshadri – master choreographer and trainer to promote inner harmony of the body, breath and mind. She had recently visited and conducted classes exclusively from 17 to 19 March 2016 at Banyan Tree Phuket, Thailand.

An award-winning multidisciplinary artist, movement educator, writer and researcher, Nirmala received her early training in Bharatanatyam in Singapore before she went on to spend over two decades learning, teaching, creating and performing in India.

After 20 years of rich training and practice in Yoga, she graduated with a Masters degree in Dance Anthropology (with distinction) from the University of Roehampton, London. She also devised a wellness and creativity-focused mind-body technique – Antarika which she now imparts.

Drawing from the Japanese theatre form Butoh, Yoga and the classical Indian dance form Bharatanatyam, Antarika will help harmonise the body and mind. It is meditative, breath-centric, gentle and therapeutic. It nurtures the human body’s natural relationship between breathing and moving.

The aim is to gently lead the individual to a space where the mind and body are free and in the present moment, a space where instinctual and creative energies are high. Participants will experience improvised movement in response to music and rhythm, working through stages of relaxation, culminating in a state where the breath is gentle and subtle, and the mind, tranquil and centred.

Five exclusive classes were scheduled on Thursday 17 March 2016 at 17.00 – 19.00 hours, Friday 18 March 2016 at 10.30 – 12.30 hours, 14.00 – 16.00 hours and 17.00 – 19.00 hours and Saturday 19 March 2016 at 10.30am – 12.30 hours. Prices started from THB 2,000 nett per person for a two-hour group session for six to 10 persons.

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