Dine at Canggu Beach, Bali with Secret Retreats


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Famous for combining the world of arts and antiquity with the exotic and stylish, Tugu Bali captures our imagination once again with the opening of two stunning and romantic new venues within the exotic retreat tucked away on Canggu Beach. Beautiful artwork, ancient artefacts and timeless design set the stage for a memorable culinary experience at Ji at the Bale Sutra and the Lava Lounge.

Ji at the Bale Sutra (Asian Grill, Sushi and Sake Bar) is the only restaurant that is housed in an original ancient Kang Xi period temple from 1706. This 310-years-old temple was almost demolished in the 1990s in Java and was transported and reconstructed in its entirety at Hotel Tugu.

A majestic blend between the old Chinese and the old Balinese cultures, this ornate and elegant dark wood temple features beautiful carvings and details of mythological animals all over the roofs and ceilings. It was originally a family temple used for generations, before it was discovered and saved by the founder/designer of Tugu Hotels & Restaurants, the antique collector Anhar Setjadibrata. The temple is now housed in a red room fully decorated with a delicate 18th century Goddess of Mercy as well as numerous artefacts, heritage of the grandiose lives of barons and Balinese sovereigns from past centuries. Adorning the red walls are black and white full-sized portraits of Balinese monarch rulers as well as original Chinese paintings from Qing dynasty.

The cuisine at Ji is inspired by centuries old cooking tradition from Japan, as well as other East Asian countries, with focus on the classical art of grilling (robata) and the finer arts of sushi in bringing beautifully delicate flavours of Asia to guests’ tables. Ji features a wide menu selection to indulge in this atmospheric setting by the sea.

The entrance to Ji is as unique as it is fun, allowing you to choose from three different gateways:

  1. The very low Gate of Heaven, where one has to bend down while entering to show respect to the Gods;
  2. Gate of Hell, a 4-metre-tall door with a pair of mythological guards ready to take you to the darker side; and
  3. Gate of Love, where you will pass the 18th century statue of the Goddess of Love and Mercy, Dewi Gwan Yin.

When you enter through the Gate of Hell ‘by mistake,’ you will find yourself in a nirvana of amazing wines from the best wineries in the world along with a wide collection of fine Japanese sake. Inside this ‘hell’ there are two huts with ancient Japanese atmosphere, where guests can enjoy a relaxing wine and sake degustation. The interior of this wine and sake area surrounds the theme of KABUKI, with Japanese lanterns, partitions, old poetry carved on wooden panels and a very heavy and large lion statue carved from one whole rock as well as statues of two other Japanese mythological creatures.

From these three gates you can also continue to the upper floor lounge where a most magical view opens up to 180 degrees of Canggu Beach and the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Here one can sip cocktails and watch the surf all day, in a setting of exotic and cultural Asia facing the beautiful view over the sea.

The Lava Lounge represents a fusion of mystical stories and modern cozy lounge space overlooking the ocean and is one more of Hotel Tugu Bali’s secret corners.

Nestled in the majestic exhibition place of Indonesian history, the lounge celebrates the eternal love between the famous Belgian artist, Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès and Ni Polok, the model and muse of his paintings and later, his wife. Various antique pieces tell different stories, preserving the values of Indonesia as a country with rich history, arts, cultures and traditions.

Fridays offer a night of glamour, seduction and smooth pleasures with the suave Jazz sounds in the background, authentic Indonesian bites on your plate and tropical splash of the Lava cocktails – Krakatau, Bromo, Rinjani, Toba and Agung. Enjoy enviable views of the ocean and free rounds of tapas from 7.30pm.

At Tugu Hotels & Restaurants, dining is not just a meal. It is a journey back in time to experience the beauty of Indonesian history.

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