Louis57 Travel revolutionises the world of golf


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Louis57 Travel has revolutionised ready-made golfing itineraries, giving golfing fans and holidaymakers exclusive access to the best golf estates and courses the world has to offer. As part of top golfer Louis Oosthuizen’s Louis57 brand, Louis57 Travel offers travellers golfing holidays of a lifetime, whether its playing the historical fairways of St Andrews or trying their hand at the newer course sin the US.

While other companies might offer one-itinerary-fits-all type packages, Louis57 Travel’s experts take the time to get to know you so we can create a personalised itinerary and an enjoyable environment that will become your own. In a departure from popular hotel-based packages, Louis57 Travel is offering complete end-to-end, travel-ready itineraries and boast a client return rate of 93 per cent.

Ready to travel tours

In a departure from popular hotel-based packages, Louis57 Travel offers complete, end-to-end, travel-ready itineraries that not only include great accommodation but also come with quintessential Southern African experiences to be enjoyed during your stay.

Perfectionist to the core

Whether travelling solo, as a couple, with a select group of friends, or as part of multi-generational families, the company plan every single moment between your arrival and departure, and balance guided excursions with free time, allowing you to enjoy the spontaneity of a holiday.

On the map, off the grid

Going beyond regular tourist trails to discover the real essence of a place, so that you can discover new cultures, stay a little longer and make personal connections with the people and the sites, a Louis57 Travel Tour is not about merely ticking items off your bucket list.

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