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Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, far from city pollution, the Leukerbad Clinic is the perfect place to regenerate. Recognised by the Swiss health authorities since 1961, the medical retreat has recently been fully modernised and now steps into the future.

The multidisciplinary team is committed to protecting its patients’ health and letting them benefit from Leukerbad’s experience, with programmes designed to be fully personalised, according to each patient’s state of health. For every request, the Leukerbad Clinic sends a detailed estimate to the patient listing the different medical and hospitality services.

Leukerbad offer an anti-ageing programme that has been adapted to achieve maximum effect over a shorter period. A specialty of the clinic for many years, the programme relies on different cutting-edge techniques to detoxify, revitalise and stimulate the patient at a cellular level. It offers an approach based on the use of advanced therapeutic products which strengthen the immune system and aid recovery after certain health problems. Accompanied by a special diet, it also helps to eliminate toxic substances and metabolic residues.

Leukerbad offers the unique possibility for all-round detoxification, fighting toxic metabolites, unsaturated fats, heavy metals and the like. Over time, theses substances accumulate in the body and can have biochemical or cellular effects which can trigger the onset of pathologies. Their elimination is therefore essential. A medicalised detoxification treatment has been developed using synthetic products which have the ability to drain harmful substances from the body. To achieve the best possible results, medicalised detoxification should be accompanied by a detoxifying and hypotoxic diet.

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