British wildlife expert joins forces with The Datai Langkawi’s resident naturalist



Renowned for its stunning setting and commitment to preserving its exotic environment, The Datai Langkawi is hosting British naturalist and TV adventurer Nigel Marven from 16 to 23 November. Accompanied by the resort’s resident naturalist Irshad Mobarak, Nigel will host a series of educational and enjoyable talks and nature excursions in The Datai’s rainforest, offering guests an unbeatable opportunity to engage with the two experts and explore the resort’s rural splendour. The 8am ‘Forest awakening’ and 7pm ‘Rainforest after dark’ nature walks that will be on offer during Nigel’s residency will enable attendees to see the rainforest in two very different lights and learn all about its wealth of wildlife. The three ‘Jungle Voices’ talks that Nigel will host on the resort’s beach will focus on his fascinating career.
Nigel’s talks will cover a range of topics in depth, including his filming adventures for shows that have been popular around the world, especially in Asia such as ‘Time Travelling with Dinosaurs in Prehistoric Park’, tracking ‘Pandas in Untamed China’ and handling cobras and kraits in his current series ’10 Deadliest Snakes’. He’ll also share anecdotes about his stint as a producer in the world famous Natural History Unit, producing shows with Sir David Attenborough. At The Datai, Nigel will give tips on film making, how to have a career with wildlife as well as how to get up close and personal with all sorts of creatures from spiders to squirrels. 
Having travelled extensively, filming in over 100 countries on every continent, Nigel has successfully captured an array of different species on camera, including one of the world’s most endangered species, the Indian one-horned rhinoceros, which he says was an exciting privilege and the defining moment of his career.
Known for his passionate and daring presenting style, Nigel Marven is sure to be a captivating guide and speaker. Looking ahead to his time at The Datai, he says: “I can’t wait to get lost in The Datai’s magical surroundings and work with Irshad. He is such an expert in the local wildlife and has so much respect for it. It will be a real joy to help him educate guests about the natural world and speak with them about my varied career.”
Excited about this new collaboration, Irshad Mobarak says: “Nigel has such a wealth of experience and so many stories to tell about his adventures all over the world. I love speaking with our guests about the local wildlife and it’ll be so interesting to hear his perspective on it too. It will be a privilege to work with him and a real treat for our guests.”

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