Farm on the Hill: Sustainability advancements at Six Senses Samui





Six Senses Samui has unveiled its latest sustainability initiative, Farm on the Hill, in its quest to be more environmentally conscious and to offer an authentic Thai farm experience to guests.

The farm may be small, yet it adds big purpose and value to the resort’s operation while benefitting the local community. The farm’s inception was born from a landscaping necessity, which includes a large volume of organic waste generated (e.g. branch trimmings), unutilized grey water, and lack of nutrient rich soil. All the resort needed was 15 to 20 goats, 80 chickens, one simple greywater catchment system and the problem was solved.

Six Senses Samui now has nutrient rich soil and is able to produce organic eggs, goat milk and an abundant crop of fresh vegetables. Other valuable features include a natural reed bed system that filters and remineralises the grey water, which can be used for irrigation; a creative waste to wealth garden and a module aquaponic system that is solely constructed from reclaimed waste materials.

Farm on the Hill is not only a sensible step in the right direction, it has also become a popular fun and learning experience for all ages. Guests, hosts and the local community can enjoy feeding the goats, collecting newly laid eggs and even picking organic produce for their next meal. Driven by the passion and commitment of the resort’s engineering and gardening teams, this space adds value to guests’ experiences.

Guests can reserve Farm on the Hill for dinner and take in a private sunset tour of the grounds before enjoying a rurally-wholesome Thai barbecue.

Gary Henden, General Manager of Six Senses Samui said, “Farm on the Hill started as a small home-grown initiative to support our commitment to sustainability in the resort and our operations, yet in a short time it has grown into a positive example of what can be done with strong conviction and minimal funds. The project has inspired the team and the local community, who actively participate in its upkeep and in some circumstances have replicated at their own homes. The farm is only the start of a much larger transformation, as we plan to evolve our landscaping to become even more purposeful.”


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