‘Eat with Six Senses’ launching in 2017



With the ultimate indulgence for mind and body in mind, Six Senses is launching ‘Eat with Six Senses’ in 2017.

As part of the project, chefs are creating low-sugar and low-sodium items, gluten-, soy- and hormone-free options, identifying 90 to 100 per cent of menu items as organic and keeping a close eye on lectins. The first project Dr. Gundry worked on, in tandem with Nutrition Consultant Patrick Wahlberg and Sophie Bohnstedt of Sophie’s Raw in Stockholm, is the smoothie and juice menu.

The delicious and nutritious smoothies and juices will incorporate important nutrients to keep the trillions of cells that make up the microbiome (pathogenic microorganisms that enjoy a mutualistic relationship with the human body) in balance.

Cutting edge research from Dr. Steven Gundry’s institutes, The Center for Restorative Medicine and The International Heart and Lung Institute, both in California, has shown that feeding the body’s microbiome nutrient dense fibres and resistant starches dramatically improves overall health. Moreover, healthy gut bacteria has been shown to improve mood and attitude.

Dr. Gundry serves on the Six Senses Wellness Board and has been collaborating with Six Senses in reviewing all menus and enhancing them so guests can enjoy the same great taste, but prepared in an even healthier fashion.

Six Senses is committed to serving refreshing, tasty juices and smoothies that feed gut buddies life-giving nutrients. And as a result, the new menu includes drinks that include a variety of vegetables, herbs, spices and fruit that contain lower amounts of fructose. In addition, the drinks provide a nutritionally rich boost of concentrated micronutrients … it’s like a supplement in a glass.

Guests who select to join one of the Six Senses Integrated Wellness programmes: Cleanse & Detox; Sleep & Resilience; Trim & Fit and 100% Full Potential, are guided to which juices and smoothies are best suited to their wellness regime. For those not on a programme, they will find the selections equally tempting and nutritious.

For those on the Cleanse & Detox programme, the Green Senses juice is packed with ingredients to promote and support detoxification such as kale and broccoli. They also include fennel and parsley which are filled with antioxidants; cilantro/coriander which binds heavy metals; ginger which offers anti-inflammatory properties and pineapple which is rich in vitamin C as well as the enzyme bromelain.

Smoothie guests should try the Coco Nap to assist with sleep. It’s velvety and refreshing and contains young coconut, papaya, lemon balm and lime. The Trim & Fit smoothies, such as The Hulk, aid post workout recovery and muscle growth. The creaminess of macadamia nuts together with spinach and the richness of exotic spices make this a delicious green smoothie with a hint of Brazil nuts. This smoothie also works very well with protein powder.

Eat with Six Senses launches in 2017 at all resorts and spas.




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