Shakti Himalaya’s new ‘Head in the Clouds’ journey



Reconnect the mind, body and spirit with nature through Shakti Himalaya’s new ‘Head in the Clouds’ journeys, combining walking in the foothills of the Himalayas with an education in mindfulness.

Shakti’s new itineraries offer the unique experience of being accompanied on its village walks, through the little known Kumaon region, by a personal yoga and meditation teacher.

Shakti’s village walks allow guests to feel closer to India’s people and their living cultures, disconnect from the digital world, and take time to simply ‘be’. The new ‘Head in the Clouds’ journey builds in a programme of silent walks, morning meditation, healthy eating and daily yoga with a private guru. Shakti uses yoga teachers from different backgrounds and schools, including from the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger. The guide will stop at strategically chosen spots to mediate or soak in the view, and lead guests through their day, which will finish with a private yoga practice.

Accompanied by local porters and guides, a private chef and a ‘Head in the Clouds’ guru, guests walk between remote villages, staying in traditional houses that Shakti has spruced up to provide cosy comfort – pashmina blankets, duvets and fireplaces. At each village house, dawn and dusk yoga will take place, as well as mindfulness sessions to help guests to address any anxieties or concerns. For the more active guests, Shakti offers trekking and camping in remote but beautiful locations with the chance to spend the night in a tented camp set up exclusively to enjoy outstanding mountain views.

The trip concludes with guests staying in one of four pavilions at Shakti 360° Leti to relax and unwind.


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