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The mere mention of Bali evokes images of paradise and the natural beauty of Ubud – with its verdant rice paddies, lush forests and towering mountains – promises a ‘get back to nature’ and fresh-air stay. HOSHINOYA Bali makes the most of its beautiful setting by connecting the surrounding nature, its architecture and the guest experience.

Dotted throughout the Ubud region of Bali are the remains of irrigation systems known as subak, ancient infrastructures designed to divert water for rice field irrigation. Consequently, the landscapes adjacent to the resort continue to be rich in tropical flora and fauna. In addition, countless rivers flow from the top of the nearby Mt. Batur, cascading down its slopes and towards the ocean. The most sacred of these rivers, the Pakerisan, runs along the outer edge of the resort – adding to the already tranquil atmosphere. Guests can even enjoy a refreshing dip in the canal swimming pool that run through the resort.

Traditional Balinese architecture endeavours to connect the human world to the natural world. The layout and design of HOSHINOYA Bali is endeavours to organically link the pools in the resort to the surrounding jungle, and the villas to the gardens.

Due to the tropical climate, it is also vital for the resort’s design to allow flow. Hence, every villa features a gazebo with a roof made of a sacred grass called alang-alang. The thick shade provided by these gazebos, in addition to the gentle breeze from the river, allows for a comfortable stay at all times.

Every villa offers direct access to a semi-private pool area that is set apart by a water garden. At any point in the day, guests may take a break from reading or other waterside activities to enjoy a soak just a few steps from their accommodations. The waters change in temperature and colour throughout the day, meaning every swim is just a little bit different.

Artists from around the world flock to Ubud, an area famous for traditional Balinese painting, sculpture, music, and dance. The carvings featured throughout the resort have been handcrafted by seasoned artists and each carving is a singular work of art. They depict local plants and animals in ways that emphasise the importance of harmony between humans and nature.

The resort’s Cafe Gazebo has been designed to blend in with the jungle it overlooks. Guests can relax on the comfortable sofas and enjoy views of the vivid green forest as far as the eye can see. Perfect for meditation or for luxuriating in the Bali pace of life.

The resort also features a spa, located in the valley of the Pakerisan river, providing guests with traditionally developed treatments using ancient wisdom and methods, designed to bring balance to mind and body, such as treatments that incorporate natural ingredients, poolside meditations, and morning and evening yoga sessions.

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