HOSHINOYA Bali: Experience tranquil Ubud



Want a luxury hotel experience infused with cultural experiences and surrounded by the natural beauty of Bali? This is the experience promised by the Japanese-owned HOSHINOYA Bali, a new resort opening this month.

Designed in Japan, made in Ubud, HOSHINOYA makes the perfect base for discovering the cultures and traditions of Bali. Intricate carvings decorate the furniture and walls – a showcase of the talent of local artists – and the café gazebo has been designed to blend in with the jungle it overlooks. Guests can relax on the comfortable sofas and enjoy views of the vivid green forest as far as the eye can see, perfect for meditation or for luxuriating in the Bali pace of life. The completed resort is one that meticulously balances Japanese spatial design with Balinese culture, providing a private space of unparalleled luxury.

Inspired by the villages of rice-terraced Ubud, the resort overlooks the Pakerisan River and has sacred water canals cascading past on their way to the ocean – which are also a part of the island’s water temple network and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage landscape. Like Bali itself, the resort’s luxurious atmosphere is inextricably bound to water with three pristine swimming pools for guests to swim in.

The resort also features a spa, providing guests with traditionally developed treatments using ancient wisdom and methods, designed to bring balance to mind and body, such as treatments that incorporate natural ingredients, poolside meditations, and morning and evening yoga sessions.

After enjoying the tranquillity of the resort, day trips to the region’s many attractions will keep guests busy. Ubud’s popularity keeps growing, with its fabulous restaurants and cafes, streets of interesting shops and stunning natural attractions such as waterfalls, rice terraces and the looming Mount Batur as a gorgeous backdrop.

About Hoshino Resorts

Founded in 1904 as a forestry business in Karuizawa, in the Japanese Alps, it opened its first hot spring resort in 1914. Rebranded by Yoshiharu Hoshino in 1995 as Hoshino Resorts, it has expanded across Japan with a focus on local culture and tradition. Hoshino Resorts has developed three separate hospitality brands, HOSHINOYA, KAI and RISONARE. Now it operates 36 properties around Japan and abroad.


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