Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to launch ‘Turbo Track’



Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has unveiled plans for ‘Turbo Track’, a new, heart-pounding roller coaster set to open at the end of March.

The three-stage experience, which gives guests an authentic feel of what it’s like to become a Ferrari test driver, is the latest thrilling addition to the park.

Adults and children alike will have their limits put to the test, as they get a glimpse into the high-tech world of the Ferrari Driving Academy.

Starting in a briefing room, and culminating at 64 metres above Yas Island, Turbo Track will turn guests into new recruits, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi into a futuristic testing facility for aspiring test drivers.

The opening two stages of the experience include an on-screen training and performance analysis. Recruits then board Turbo Track and burst through the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi iconic red roof at 102 kilometres per hour, before experiencing hair-raising zero gravity as they plummet vertically back down.

If guests are still thirsty for more thrills, they can ride it again backwards, with the experience including front-facing and back-facing seats, offering two unique perspectives.

“At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, we’re passionate about creating thrilling and inspiring experiences, and we can’t wait to share this incredible new experience with our guests. Not only does this unique ride offer heart-pounding thrills for all riders, it also gives them the chance to see the world through the eyes of a Ferrari test driver, creating once again a strong connection with the legendary brand.”

Jesse Vargas, GM, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Turbo Track is yet another rewarding experience for the champion in all of us, offering an endurance challenge only test drivers with heart can conquer. It fits perfectly within Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s ultimate adrenaline experience for the whole family, felt from the moment you step inside the park.

The completion of Turbo Track was also a monumental feat of engineering, following a highly complex process that saw a 16-square-metre opening created in the glass funnel, a signature design feature at the centre of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The top of the 64-metre-high track becomes Yas Island’s highest point, and was created by the same team that built the Formula Rossa roller coaster.



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