Hong Kong through the eyes of locals



A new global marketing campaign titled ‘Best of All, It’s in Hong Kong’ was launched in Australia on Thursday 16 February to highlight the rich diversity and quality of local experiences across the city.

The campaign, targeted towards 45+ repeat travellers as well as first-time millennials, features four videos, starring local personalities, which highlight Hong Kong’s diverse areas of appeal: Gourmet Dining, Fashion and Entertainment, Family Adventures and the Great Outdoors.

Three-Michelin-star chef Umberto Bombana gives viewers a mouth-watering taste of Hong Kong’s culinary delights; designer Anais Mak offers a tour of the best fashion and hipster hangouts with the help of her superstar friend, singer-actor, Eason Chan; actor and pilot Michael Wong takes the controls of a helicopter for a family adventure above the city; and movie star Sean Lau takes viewers out into Hong Kong’s breathtaking natural scenery.

“We want visitors to see, feel and taste the best Hong Kong has to offer from a local’s perspective. By watching these videos and engaging with our content, travellers can discover the breathtaking intensity, the surprising contrasts, the rewarding variety and the captivating style this wonderful city can offer.”

Andrew Clark, Hong Kong Tourism Board Regional Director

‘Best of All, It’s in Hong Kong’ will be activated across digital channels in Australia, specifically through programmatic and native advertising, as well as through tactical campaigns with trade partners. The new branding will be executed across content media partnerships and opportunities for print advertising with trade partners will be explored during the course of the year.

Social will play a key role in the delivery of the videos, incorporated through a series of social stories with a focus on food, nature and fashion aimed at inspiring the target audience.

Food obsession with Chef Bombana

Nature next door with Sean Lau

Fashion and urban style with Anais Mak

Family adventures with Michael Wong



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