Quark Expeditions hosts 2017 North Pole Summit



Quark Expeditions, the polar expedition company and provider of adventures to the Arctic and Antarctic, announced the ultimate meeting of global minds at 90 degrees north with The North Pole Summit 2017. Departing 20 July 2017, this exclusive expedition offers seven exceptional guests from the worlds of science, exploration, conservation, politics and education.

These passionate global citizens will share with passengers their inspirations and perspectives on today’s environmental challenges through a formal and informal on board enrichment programme:

  • Paul Nicklen, National Geographic photographer, marine biologist and conservationist
  • Alan Chambers, legendary polar adventurer and speaker
  • Cristina Mittermeier, marine biologist, photographer, biochemical engineer and conservationist
  • Maureen Raymo, paleoclimatologist and marine geologist
  • David Serkoak, Inuit Elder and educator
  • James Raffan, geographer, author and polar historian
  • Frances Ulmer, policy adviser and public servant

Passengers on this exclusive sailing, as well as those travelling on two traditional North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure expeditions in 2017, will travel from Helsinki, Finland, aboard a charter flight to embark on their 14-day adventure from Murmansk, Russia. Passengers will board 50 Years of Victory, the most powerful nuclear icebreaker on the planet, and power their way through multi-year sea ice to the top of the world. En route, they’ll enjoy top-quality expert lectures, aerial “flightseeing” via onboard helicopter, wildlife watching in the Arctic Ocean and more.

A celebration at the North Pole takes passengers out onto sea ice several metres thick to toast their travelling achievement and take part in a barbecue dinner.

Spaces for The North Pole Summit and two additional North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure expeditions departing 9 and 31 July are limited. Interested should speak to a Polar Travel Adviser immediately, to ensure enough time to obtain the necessary visas prior to travel.



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