Prime Restaurant brings a unique caviar dining experience to Sydney



Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney’s heritage GPO building has introduced a luxury caviar selection to complement its award-winning steak-focused à la carte menu.

The premium caviar menu comprises Iranian Beluga Caviar, which is sourced from the world’s rarest, most prized and most expensive sturgeon fish. Carefully prepared according to Persian tradition, the grains are light to dark grey-coloured with a soft, creamy texture and a fruity, buttery flavour.

Prime also presents Golden Russian Oscietra Caviar, which is hand-selected from wild-raised white sturgeon, known for its large dark to golden brown-coloured pearls. The glossy and firm roe offer a crisp aroma, nutty flavour and creamy finish with a hint of sea salt.

The caviar, which is ideal as a starter, can be paired with a vintage bottle of French champagne and followed with a choice of 18 premium steaks, including Prime’s signature full-blood Wagyu 9+ fillet. Prime’s sandstone vault sets the scene for a memorable dining experience with its sandstone walls, curtained arches, leather seats, white-clothed tables, oversized wine glasses and separate private dining room.

Prime’s Iranian Beluga Caviar is priced at $395 for 30 grams, and the Golden Russian Oscietra Caviar is priced at $195 for 30 grams.

Prime Restaurant is open for lunch from Monday to Friday (12:00pm – 3:00pm) and dinner from Monday to Saturday (6:00pm – 10:00pm).


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