Six Senses to launch five beautifully designed lodges in Bhutan



Six Senses has announced the launch of five lodges in Bhutan set to open in September 2017. Located in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey and Bumthang the lodges will allow guests to embark on a ‘Six Senses Journey’ between each lodge.

There will be a total of 82 suites divided between the lodges. Architecturally Six Senses is blending local design styles with modern luxuries and all lodges are inspired by the colourful kingdom’s reputation as the ‘happiest place on earth’. Each of the five locations was identified with a specific and appropriate theme, so that as guests move between them, they experience a journey through all their senses.

Begin in the capital of Thimphu, where the design emphasis is on culture. Juxtaposing tradition, the interiors are modern with clean lines and an abundance of wood panelling, whitewashing and natural stone. Cultural items, handcrafted objects and intricate weavings are shown against an unassuming backdrop. Old wood is repurposed into tables and bench tops, while handcrafted rust-coloured brick is used for the structures.

The second stop on the journey is Bumthang, where the Six Senses design team has created a ‘forest within a forest’. Accommodations are set within a verdant forest, with expansive windows that welcome the outdoors to be a part of the interior guest experience. Recycled wood is used for furnishings such as lamp bases and tables, uncluttered interiors with patterned timber walls and warm recycled wooden floors. An interior natural palette creates a foil for the colourful woodland exterior.

Moving next to Punakha, Six Senses designers have replicated the feeling of a traditional farmhouse in this rural region of fertile land and terraces. Here, they have added depth to the clean lines espoused in the previous decors with the addition of mud brick features in the bathrooms, light fittings crafted from mason jars as the community would once have used, woven bamboo feature walls, and the clever use of bamboo and rattan items.

The fourth on the journey with Six Senses Bhutan is Gangtey. While maintaining the uncluttered lines and natural palette, Six Senses has introduced beautifully weathered timber floors and accented walls. A feature of the Gangtey chalet is the unique bird-watching bridge crafted from local stone and enclosed with expansive timer-framed windows to enable guests to get close to their feathered friends.

Six Senses designers had special fun creating the fifth stop, Paro. It is the site of old stone ruins and the designers brought this to the interiors, with hewn stone walls and working fireplaces contrasted with mid-tone vertical timbers sourced from renewable supplies.


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