Jock Safari Lodge, Kruger National Park on ‘Green Travel’



Year by year the trend for ‘green travel’ increases and, fortunately due to hard work and the vision that was created several years ago, Jock Safari Lodge is very proud to offer guests an experience that is founded on nurturing nature.

Due to the unique location of Jock Safari Lodge in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the lodge has, year on year, achieved more ‘green credits’ by nurturing not only the land but the surrounding communities and the Jock team. It recently scored 99% from the Department of Environment and Tourism’s bi-annual audit, an achievement about which the whole team is justly proud.

Jock Safari Lodge is committed to maintaining a low impact upon land in order to remain true to the overall conservation ethic of the Caleo Foundation and in order to preserve this unique heritage for future generations.

The lodge is situated on 6000 hectares of pristine bushveld with exclusive traversing rights for its guests.

The lodge has been built to the most stringent eco-management criteria in South Africa, audited by Kruger National Park and DEAT (Department of Environment and Tourism) on a bi-annual basis. Off-road driving on the concession is permitted for predator sightings. This is, however, done in an environmentally sensible manner as the damage a vehicle does to the veld can take up to 2 years to repair.

Jock is actively involved with numerous conservation and research projects of rare and endangered species such as black and white rhino, lion, wild dog, Marshall Eagle and the Ground Hornbill. More recently, Jock Safari Lodge was thrilled to be a part of a demographic study in conjunction with the Kruger National Park to research the impact of bovine tuberculosis on lion populations.


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