The St. Regis Langkawi introduces three new ‘Kings of the Kitchen’




The St. Regis Langkawi Resort introduces its newly appointed ‘kings of the kitchen’. Executive Chef Gaetan Biesuz, Executive Pastry Chef Robby Motota and Chef de Cuisine Beno Wicaksana combine their talents to create exclusive dining experience in a variety of exquisite settings.

When the opening of The St. Regis Langkawi was announced, the first St. Regis property in Malaysia and the first luxury resort to open in a decade in Langkawi, excitement grew around a new experience for travellers in the region, especially with the resort aligning with Langkawi Tourism’s initiative to position it as a luxury destination. The anticipation rose further with the introduction of Kayu Puti, a specialty restaurant perched over water, designed by Bill Bensley.

Fast forward one year to 2017 and Kayu Puti has a new team of kitchen stars and as they say, good things come in threes. Combining their skills under the dynamic leadership of Biesuz, the three maestros have created an exquisite and refined menu where East meets West over the sea.

With the sensuous intimacy of a private beach retreat over water, Kayu Puti’s haute Asian-inspired dinner specialties consist of treasured regional traditions and cherished familial recipes updated with contemporary techniques.

Gaetan Biesuz

French Executive Chef Biesuz brings a world of experience to The St. Regis Langkawi, having worked in kitchens in England, USA, Dubai and, most recently, Thailand. His food philosophy stems from a modest family upbringing where excellent food was a cornerstone of life with the concept of respect at its core. Biesuz believes that respect for ingredients, coupled with respect for his team goes a long way to garnering the best results. Respecting the local environment, culture and community is also very important to him. The relationship with local suppliers is one built around mutual respect and this is illustrated by acknowledging these suppliers on his menus. As a chef, Biesuz feels this is of paramount importance, being fortunate to work with quality producers of fresh fruit and vegetables or seafood.

“My cooking philosophy is about respecting and caring for the ingredients so they will give you the best results in creating a dish that will last a lifetime in a diner’s memory,” said Biesuz. “I am committed to delivering consistent guest experiences by sharing all my knowledge and supporting the kitchen team so they can exceed expectations.”

Beno Wicaksana

Indonesian-born Chef de Cuisine Wicaksana has extensive experience in some of Indonesia’s top five-star hotel and resort kitchens. Growing up, he was influenced by his culinary family and developed his philosophy that cooking is a form of honest expression. Wicaksana shares the love of using the freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers, with his favourite dish to prepare at The St. Regis Langkawi being the regional classic Asam Pedas black cod.

“If I can share my love of cooking and make a positive impact on an individual’s experience through food and wine then I’ve done my job as a chef,” said Wicaksana. “My aim is to introduce the highest quality food standards, making Langkawi a destination for exceptional dining.”

Robby Motota

Also hailing from Indonesia, Executive Pastry Chef Motota has produced delectable morsels in luxury hotels from Indonesia to the Maldives, Qatar, Dubai and Thailand. From a young age he was passionate about baking and pastry and brings his great experience and dedication to producing dishes such as the traditional Nagasari, to which he has applied a unique modern twist. Motota’s engaging personality helps define the culture in the kitchens of The St. Regis Langkawi, where the team is one big happy family.

“I believe in synchronising local cultures through their ingredients and cuisine with modern cooking techniques,” said Motota. “What we aim to do here is produce the very highest quality pastries and baked goods that are both visually creative and unbelievably tasty.”




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