COMO Parrot Cay launches custom bikes outfitted to match guest villas



In its premiere collaboration in Turks and Caicos, Florida-based Republic Bike, the brand behind custom bike fleets for customers like Google and NASA, has partnered with COMO Parrot Cay to bring its bikes to the preeminent private island.

For COMO Parrot Cay, Republic Bike used a custom version of its ‘SHAREDBIKE’ fleet bicycle. The bikes are
designed as stately, comfortable, low-maintenance cruisers that will sit outside each villa for resort guests to enjoy.

All bikes have been designed to match the contemporary aesthetics COMO Parrot Cay is known for. Bikes are outfitted with an oversized bell and basket to carry guest essentials, and are named after each guest villa.

“To have our custom fleet as part of the landscape of this magnificent resort is a real honour,” said Avery Pack, founder of Republic Bike.

Dant Hirsch, Regional General Manager of COMO Parrot Cay said: “We are excited to have partnered with Republic Bike on this initiative and to offer our guests a fun alternative to explore this beautiful island.”

COMO Parrot Cay has 60 bikes available for guests to enjoy.





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