Katarina Line to launch new line of ultra-deluxe small ship cruisers


Katarina Line, Croatia’s premier small ship cruise company and DMC, has announced that it will be introducing new, more luxurious and modern vessels for 2018 as part of a fleet-wide rebranding programme that raises its category of ships to six from its current four-category designations of Deluxe, A+, A and B.

Beginning with the 2018 cruise season, the new categories will be:

  • Deluxe Superior, newer and larger ships that are a minimum of 47 metres long, built or updated within the past year
  • Deluxe, state-of-the-art ships between 41 and 47 metres long
  • Premium Superior, newer category A+ ships similar to the current Deluxe ships but a bit smaller in length
  • Premium, the smaller of Katarina’s spacious, steel-hulled ships.

Katarina Line’s more traditional wooden ships will be classified in two additional categories: Traditional Ensuite, featuring cabins with private shower/toilets; and Traditional, a smaller line of wooden ships with shared showers and toilets. Both categories will also feature an air-conditioned salon.

“The popularity of small ship cruising in the Mediterranean has increased the demand for larger, more luxurious vessels that cater for the new generation of travellers. These travellers are seeking soft adventures ‘on the high seas’ with more lavish accommodation, gourmet dining and superior, personalised service,” said Daniel Hauptfeld, marketing director for Katarina Line.

Each of Katarina Line’s new vessel categories is distinguished by ship design and facilities, as well as by different levels of service, onboard dining, excursions, and other amenities. For example, all Deluxe Superior vessels include live entertainment twice a week and four-course meals. Ships in the Deluxe category will offer similar amenities as the Deluxe Superior, though with live entertainment only once a week. Ships in the Premium Superior, slightly smaller in length, will include daily breakfast and lunch, and a Captain’s dinner and three guided sightseeing tours based on one-week cruises, whereas the Premium category ships will offer only one guided sightseeing tour, based on a one-week cruise.

“It’s all about meeting the needs of the widest range of cruise clients, from those who seek the more intimate, basic cruise experience founded upon the long tradition of wooden ships, to the most demanding cruise clients who expect the very best in luxury and service,” said Hauptfeld.  “Our new rebranding will allow travellers of every budget to pick the perfect vessel to meet their needs.”


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