Ulagalla, Sri Lanka: A destination of experiences



Ulagalla is not only one of Uga Escapes’ most significant properties, it is also one of Sri Lanka’s most outstanding. Made up of 20 secluded and ecologically-built villas positioned around a 150-year-old mansion, Ulagalla spans 23 hectares of spectacular greenery, with a consciousness towards the environment. In fact, it even comes with its own solar farm which is responsible for providing the property with around half of its energy needs.

As an exquisitely designed boutique hotel, Ulagalla does not compromise on comfort, despite its simple approach. Guests can look forward to relaxing in ultimate luxury, which is undoubtedly welcome especially after a fulfilling day of exploring Sri Lanka’s culturally and historically rich ancient capital, Anuradhapura. Ulagalla is located just half-an-hour away, making it the perfect vantage point from which to set off on cycling tours, treks to Sigiriya rock and exciting visits to Wilpattu and Minneriya National Parks.

The beauty of the region is that there is no shortage of things to do. So whether you are looking for excursions that include culture, wildlife or people, Anuradhapura covers it all. Cycle through the arid yet captivating city that houses remnants of regal eras gone by. Take in stupendous works of architecture that defy logic, and make your way to Minneriya to watch the elephants wander sedately about. Continue west, and you will come into Wilpattu, which is especially noteworthy for Sri Lanka’s famous leopards.

Head to Kala Wewa, a gigantic reservoir and Ritigala’s ruins nestled within a jungle as you trek through not only one of the island’s most poignant locations, but also one of the most revered. If guests are curious and want to venture further out, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya are some of the better known areas, each with its own signature trait.

Ulagalla Resort offers a wide range of excursions to various areas that are in turn packed with enriching experiences. Planning the day is necessary, mainly because there is so much to fit in, and guests should make the most of their time. The staff at Ulagalla will be able to help guests plan their day’s itinerary, and add some goodies for them to enjoy in the midst of a jungle or wherever else they please.



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