25 must-visit wellness attractions in Korea




The Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Korea Tourism Organization has released a list of the 25 must-visit wellness attractions in Korea.

Wellness tourism is currently booming around the world and relates to sites where the focus is on health maintenance such as spas, leisure resorts, healing meditation and forest healing. The wellness attractions are listed in four categories: oriental medicine, beauty spas, healing meditation and forest healing.

From herb healing centres to cypress forest healing or a visit to Healience Zen Village or the Jinan Red Ginseng Spa in Jeonju Korea there is a wide choice of treatments for all. We all know how good we feel after a walk in the park or the forest, but Korea’s interest in Therapy Forests for maintaining good health for its citizens is now being promoted to foreign visitors as well.

The Korea Forest Service (KFS) facilitated ‘Forest Healing’ to utilise forests for enhancement of health and quality of life and to assist with the lifestyle-related health issues in our modern society, particularly to deal with psychological disorders such as stress, depression and addiction which in turn can lead to other more severe diseases.

There is a National Centre for Forest Therapy set up to improve people’s health through the healing effects of the forest. This centre has short and long term accommodation, healing forest trails, aromatherapy gardens, hydrotherapy centres and many more options.

The full list of the ‘Top 25 wellness attractions’ can be found here.


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