Quasar Expeditions showcases self-drive overland safaris in Patagonia



These self-drive excursions are available to all participants of Quasar Expeditions’ Patagonia Overland Safaris throughout the 2017-2018 season (September to May). They are broken up by difficulty level and duration, and most of them do not require any previous experience to be enjoyed. Quasar Expeditions has carefully selected these excursions so that travellers can enjoy Patagonia to its fullest and at their own pace, regardless of age, physical condition or any limitations.

EASY: Entry-level activity for just about everyone. No real experience is needed and it is not physically demanding.
MODERATE: These activities require a decent level of fitness and experience to be fully enjoyed.
DIFFICULT: These activities require a fairly high level of fitness, experience and ability, and usually last over 4 hours.



• Full-day park reconnaissance by Jeep®
• Estancia La Peninsula ranch day
• The Mylodon Cave
• Horseback riding in Laguna Sofia
• Laguna Azul hike
• Mirador Cuernos hike
• Grey Glacier Beach & Peninsula
• Puerto Natales historical tour
• Grey Glacier navigation
• Horseback riding in Torres del Paine
• Fly fishing

• Cerro Benitez
• Mirador condor hike
• Cave paintings of Laguna Amarga hike
• Fossils and wild Horses of Baguales
• Lake Grey kayaking

• French Valley hike
• Base of the Towers hike
• Pingo Valley hike


Guided or Non-Guided: This is a guided excursion
Cost for Self-Drive Tours: Included in all Standard Overland Safaris, with horseback riding, hiking or 4×4 activities
Duration: Full-day
Total distance: N/A
Average time: 5-6 hours
Elevation gain: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Restrictions: None.
Scenery: 5 /5

Estancia La Peninsula is a working Patagonian ranch that has recently opened for tourism as part of a local family project. The Estancia is located in the heart of Southern Patagonia, only 30 minutes by sea from Puerto Natales, and offers incredible views of the mighty Mt Balmaceda, as well as the beautiful Fjord of Last Hope. The entire area surrounding the ranch can be described as a transition zone between the the two Patagonias: the typical Patagonian steppe and the Patagonian fjords and canals.

The project of La Peninsula is based on three fundamental pillars: adventure, culture and conservation, delivering an authentic experience in this wild territory. Upon arrival to La Peninsula you have several options to explore the area, including horseback riding, trekking, a sheep herding and shearing demonstration or just relaxing at the manor home with its spectacular views of the Fjord. Following your choice of activities in the morning, guests will be delighted at the Estancia with a typical Patagonian lunch, paired with delicious Chilean wines, before returning to Puerto Natales in the afternoon.


Guided or Non-Guided: Non guided
Cost for Self-Drive Tours: Included, as well as cave entrance fee
Duration: Half-day
Total distance: 2km (1.3mi)
Average time: 2-3 hours roundtrip
Elevation gain: Not relevant
Difficulty: Easy
Restrictions: None
Scenery: 4/5

This cave complex is one of the most ancient and most significant palaeontological and archaeological sites in Southern Patagonia. On this site, in 1895, a team led by Captain Eberhard found a very well preserved piece of skin, bones, fur and excrement for a huge, prehistoric ground-dwelling sloth, which they named the Mylodon. Evidence of human presence has been found here dating back 12,000 years to the time of the Mylodon. It is believed these early settlers hunted the oversized herbivorous sloth by trapping them in the cave.

The surrounding hills and cave formations have become a palaeontological treasure. Scientists who worked with National Geographic marked over 14 sites of interest including cave paintings, remains of animals and stone tools. The hike starts at the first cave, where travellers start to delve into this major archaeological discovery; they may then head to the middle cave, and finish in the main cave, which astounds with its dimensions: 200 metres deep, 80 metres wide at the mouth, and 30 metres high. The actual Mylodon found here in 1895 is on exhibition today at the London Museum of Natural History.


Guided or Non-Guided: Non-guided
Cost for Self-Drive Tours: Included
Duration: Half-day
Total distance: N/A
Average time: 3-4 hours
Elevation gain: 100 metres
Difficulty: Moderate
Restrictions: None.
Scenery: 4 /5

The hike to Cerro Benitez is a half-day outing that takes visitors towards the Mylodon Cave Natural Monument. On the way they stop to view and learn about the Devil’s Chair rock formation before starting the hike to the main cave, part of a series of 3 caves found on the hills. In these caves guests find traces of the original cultures of Patagonia, including carvings and small wall paintings. There is also a replica of the Mylodon.

From the cave, climb up the hill through a trail that winds through a Lenga tree forest and across a small valley, before resuming the ascent to the top of the hill. Once reaching the summit and the main lookout point, hikers are rewarded with an incredible panoramic view of Sofia Lagoon, Mount Benitez and the Fjord of Last Hope. Just below the main lookout is a favourite nesting spot for Andean condors, making it very common to spot the largest bird of South America in full flight. This is a great excursion for bird-watchers and photographers.


Guided or Non-Guided: Non guided
Cost for Self-Drive Tours: Included
Duration: Half-day or less
Total distance: N/A
Average time: 1-3 hours total
Elevation gain: None
Dif?iculty: Easy
Restrictions: None
Scenery: N/A

El Calafate is a small Patagonian town of around 20,000 inhabitants located at the southern edge of Lake Argentino, the country’s largest lake. The name of the city is derived from the Calafate berry, a small and dark berry that grows on wild bushes with yellow flowers. The berry is very common and well-loved in Patagonia, and around town you will find sweets, marmalades and even calafate berry liquor. A stroll in El Calafate is done without a guide, and its main focus is to get to know the town and shop around for local souvenirs and sweets. Among the most popular items in town are the famous mate tea gourds, wool products and local sweets made from ‘dulce de leche’ or from the calafate berry. In town, there are banks, ATMs, clothing shops, restaurants, a supermarket and even a casino.



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