In the back of beyond: The best nature stays in Switzerland

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Finding the perfect nature themed holiday for your clients is easy in Switzerland. Effortless, in fact.
Whether you are assisting an outdoors lover, a romantic seeking the ultimate escape or a
city slicker looking to take a break from the daily grind, there is a back-to-nature stay waiting with their
name on it. So before you send them off on an epic hiking trail, make sure they will rest in one of
these hotels, located near some of the most spectacular hiking routes in Switzerland.

1. Guttannen – Grimsel Hospiz Alpinehotel

Built in 1932 between two dam walls after the old hospice had been flooded, this elegant 4-star inn
located on the Piedmont-Burgundy trade route is perfect for design and nature lovers. The historic
charm? It’s the first electrically heated hotel in Europe, is at 1908 metres above sea level and was
mentioned as early as 1142 as the first guest house in Switzerland. It boasts a panoramic lounge, a
fireplace lounge, bar, restaurant, seductive wine cellar and cosy rooms that include every

2. Rougemont – Hotel de Rougemont

Featuring 5 interconnected chalets that combine traditional architecture and natural materials
with an alpine chic style and discreet luxury, your clients will also fall in love with the spa with
mountain views, the gourmet cuisine, and overall warm ambiance. This hotel is perfect for those
who love indulging in typically Swiss hotels.

3. Les Giettes: Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

Should your client be after something quirky, this eco-friendly hotel fits the bill.  A pioneering concept
featuring architecturally fascinating high-tech tents, the ‘pods’, which are separately sitting on wooden
platforms offers stays at 1400 metres above sea-level with magnificent and unobstructed views of
Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains.

4. Arosa: Hotel Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Created by star architect Mario Botta, this magnificent water and wellness world of the Tschuggen
Bergoasis steams and ripples throughout all its four storeys and will impress any guest. This 5-
star hotel also features a kindergarten, 5 restaurants and a sports shop; and is a member of
The Leading Hotels in the World amongst others.

5. Zermatt: Riffelalp Resort 

Pristine nature, peace and warmth. This five-star resort is a world of its own, far removed from the hustle
and bustle of everyday life. Most of its 65 rooms and 5 top suites have a balcony with breathtaking
views of the Matterhorn. At 2222 metres above sea level, guests can admire the Valais mountains
from the highest-altitude outdoor pool in Europe.

6. Melchsee-Frutt: Frutt Lodge

Offering wellbeing at its best in delightful surroundings at an altitude of 1920 metres, is also Europe’s
highest 4-star hotel in a traffic-free health resort. Opened in 2011, the hotel comprises 58
rooms, 3 suites and six junior suites portraying a perfect merge of alpine luxury and modern

Switzerland is ready-made for unforgettable outdoor encounters. Whatever the client requirement is,
you can assure them that their stay will allow them to slow down, relax and fall head over heels

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