Relais & Châteaux welcomes 24 new member properties

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Relais & Châteaux is different than other associations in that its members include over 550 world-class hotels and restaurants spanning the globe, each with a distinct setting, atmosphere and flavour. The core mission of Relais & Châteaux is the art of living, so its main focus is inspiring and sparking curiosity among its guests: swim with pink dolphins at the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve or learn Vedic chanting in Thanjāvūr.

Association members are products of their region, their history, their environment and culture, so they all hold the same values of passing on and showing pride in their local heritage and ancestry through their cuisine and culture.

From a luxury lodge nestled in Zululand to a cruise ship deep inside the Peruvian Amazon, Relais & Châteaux introduces 24 new members – each one as extraordinary as the next.


Alo Restaurant, Canada

Sitting atop the third floor at the heart of Toronto’s Chinatown, Alo definitely feels like a spot for people in the know. Everything in this space was carefully thought out – right down to the sound design – to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and exciting. The classy muffled restaurant has a distinctive open kitchen in the middle of the room so guests can watch the chefs in action. At the helm, chef Patrick Kriss offers up a tasting-centric menu featuring dishes whose pairings are as delectable as they are unexpected.

Anecdotally, the elevator holds a secret about the place. It slowly creaks up the floors to what was once a speakeasy. When the doors open, a whole new world awaits you inside. 

Owner and Chef: Patrick Kriss

Maîtresse de Maison: Amanda Bradley


SingeThread Farm, US

Located between the Russian River and vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, the SingleThread Farm restaurant and inn is taking skill and craftsmanship to a whole new level. Farmers Katina Connaughton and brother Vince Rothermund manage all the installations scattered across this two-hectare property. That means they are in charge of supplying the kitchens with fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, honey, eggs and even olive oil.

The restaurant kitchen serves an 11-course tasting menu, usually served in handmade tableware that is specially crafted by artisans who collaborate with the SingleThread Farm.

Owners and chefs: Tony Greenberg and Kyle Connaughton

Maître de Maison: David Sisler


Magee Homestead, US

Near Medicine Bow National Forest, in the middle of Wyoming, sits Magee Homestead, a luxury ranch for adults only. The property includes nine cabins, a private lodge, a swimming pool overlooking the pond, and a spa and wellness centre. The atmosphere, which favors silence and discretion, is enhanced with original artwork. The restaurant has its own kitchen garden and serves modern plant-based fare that follows the self-sustaining practice of “zero mile.” The dining room opens to the outside, for watching the moonlit prairies all around. It’s a magical spot for a getaway right in the heart of the American West.

Owners: Bruce and Beth White

Maître de Maison: Jeremy Belnap

Chef: Anthony Buchanio


Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa, Granada

Calabash is a family hotel with all the makings of a resort. Over a span of 30 years, the Garbutt family has turned it into one of the most sought-after locations in the Caribbean. Just a few yards from L’Anse aux Epines, on the southern coast of Grenada, it offers 30 suites that all have a view of the greenery and beach. This gives guests direct access to enjoy all the island’s water activities before relaxing in the spa or sitting down at one of the property’s two restaurants for a gourmet meal made from Grenadian products.

Owners: The Garbutt family (since 1987)

Chefs: Mark Banthorpe and Aaron Johnson


Delfin Amazon Cruises, Peru

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, Delfin Amazon Cruises takes guests aboard a boat to explore one of the world’s largest protected forests inside the Pacaya Samiria National Preserve. The experience includes excursions in indigenous villages, night safaris, and swimming with pink dolphins. Maître de maison and great explorer, Aldo Macchiavello, has a knack for creating unforgettable journeys. Anyone who knows palaces will feel right at home, because the fleet’s three boats offer all the amenities of a grand hotel with decor, cabins and local cuisine that is out of this world.

Owner and Maître de Maison: Aldo Macchiavello


Chila Restaurant, Argentina

Andrès Porcel’s restaurant is located in the Puerto Madero district and has ranked among the 50 top restaurants in Latin America for four years running. Newcomer chef Pedro Bargero works directly with producers and hand-picks products from the Mercado Central to create his dishes. He uses local organic products to concoct his three monthly tasting menus, one of which is vegetarian. All of his flavour pairings are original, with foods such as leeks, wild papaya, hake and Jerusalem artichokes making regular appearances. The menu draws inspiration from all over Argentina and includes meats and dairy products from the property’s Campazu Farm, vegetables harvested in La Plata, black hake from Antarctica and shrimp from Comodoro.

Owner: Andrés Nestor Porcel

Maître de Maison: Julián Massigoge

Chef: Pedro Bargero


Lympstone Manor Hotel, United Kingdom

This restored Georgian manor house and heritage site has been turned into a hotel, following the vision of owner and chef Michael Caines. The hotel overlooks Devon’s Exe Estuary and has 21 contemporary rooms and suites with views of the area’s scenery. Each room bears the name and colors of a bird living in the estuary and the decor is adorned with paintings by local artist Rachel Toll. In the kitchen, Caines tantalizes gastronomes with dishes that tend to spotlight products from the ocean, tidelands and salt marshes. A cellar of over 600 wines and settings in each of the manor’s different dining rooms complement the fare. The dining room, named after Powderham Castle, is the ideal spot for an intimate dinner under a glass globe.

Owner and Chef: Michael Caines

Maître de Maison: Scott Andrews


Bij Jef, Netherlands

Off the shores of the Netherlands on the island of Texel, Jef Schuur and Nadine Mögling converted an old rectory into a Michelin-starred restaurant and hotel. Just a few steps from the beach, the property welcomes guests into its modern suites. As for the kitchen, Jef is sure to devise well-balanced dishes, most of which are made from fresh products grown on the island. And let’s not forget an organic wine deftly selected by his wife and wine-expert, Nadine. If you’re into kite surfing, there’s nothing better than catching some waves before dinner. 

Owners: Jef Schuur and Nadine Mögling

Chef: Jef Schuur

Maîtresse de Maison and Sommelier: Nadine Mögling


Quadrille Hotel, Poland

Not far from Gdańsk, Quadrille is a property comprised of two standalone buildings connected by a tunnel. From the name of the hotel and the rooms to the speakeasy bar and the restaurant – for guests it’s like walking inside the story of Alice in Wonderland. The only differences are that time seems to stand still and the staff are gracious. Anyone who loves modern art and design will enjoy the works by famous artist  scattered throughout rooms in this 18th-century palace. Having recently brought this place back to life, the Górski family thinks the secret to its ambiance is in the details. In the kitchen, chef Marcin Popielarz serves up traditional dishes exclusively made with local ingredients. His goal is to conjure the unexpected by using brand new flavor combinations to bring back childhood memories for the span of a meal.

 Owners: The Górski family

Maîtresse de Maison: Anna Lewit

Chef: Marcin Popielarz


Auberge des Glazicks, France

Once a blacksmith’s shop, Auberge des Glazicks is a hotel and restaurant in the Finistère part of France, owned by Olivier Bellin, who is both maître de maison and chef. His aim is to serve modern surf and turf cuisine that’s steeped in history. It has everything it needs to delight diners, epicureans and lovers of contemporary interiors. The chef’s ingenuity is heightened by the view of Douarnenez Bay. A note to cigar aficionados: you can select one from their collection of top brands, then savour it in the lounge’s cigar section.

Owner, Maître de Maison and Chef: Olivier Bellin


Hotel Restaurant Krone Regensberg, Switzerland

Wake up to a view of the Jura Mountains in the medieval village of Regensberg. Once a destination for American politicians and presidents, Katja and Franck Gunthart completely rebuilt this property after it burned to the ground in 2011 and restored its original purpose of welcoming travelers from all over the world. Framed by unfinished wood floors and dry-stone walls, the spaces are entirely furnished with vintage collectibles, creating casual modern interiors. 

Owners: The Schäfer family

Maître de Maison: Thorsten Knocke

Chef: Harald Frixeder


Le Bistrot Français, Romania

Le Bistrot Français has made mixing French and Romanian cultures into an art form. Sorin Miftode and Sébastien Gravé joined  forces at a 19th-century villa in the heart of Bucharest. Between the woodwork and paintings on the walls, the chandeliers and parquet floors – with a grand piano to top it all off – there is no doubt you are Central Europe. On your plate, you’ll find inventive tastefully orchestrated dishes made with only the finest ingredients like Normande beef, Bresse chicken, raw milk cheeses, fresh truffles and bellota ham. Needless to say, they are paired with the best wines from France.

Owners and Maîtres de Maison: Cristian Preotu and Calin Capusan

Chef: Sorin Miftode

Consulting chef: Sébastien Gravé


Villa Cordevigo, Italy

It’s not hard to understand why wine lovers flock to Villa Cordevigo. Nestled in the hillsides, not far from Garda Lake, north of Verona, this historic 18th-century building is bordered by the Vigneti Villabella vineyard. Wine is the guest of honor at this villa. Guests are greeted with a glass of a local vintage and invited into the tasting room to enjoy a unique experience. At its Michelin-starred restaurant Oseleta, the chef puts a new twist on traditional Venetian fare with classic dishes that he reinterprets. 

Owners: The Delibori and Cristoforetti families

Maîtresse de Maison: Lorenza Delibori

Chef: Giuseppe d’Aquino


Locanda Don Serafino Hotel, Italy

In the Baroque city of Ragusa Ibla, Locanda Don Serafino Hotel has set up shop in a small 19th-century former residential building carved into a rocky cliff. Its’ amazing architecture is showcased by the interior design in the rooms. The property’s restaurant lies a few yards away in an old stone building that was once the stables for the nearby palace. Lovers of good wine will be in their element because the menu features a selection of 100 bottles from the world’s finest vineyards.

 Owners and Maîtres de Maison: Pinuccio and Antonio La Rosa

Chef: Vincenzo Candiano


Capofaro Malvasia and Resort, Italy

An exquisite setting for discovering Mediterranean culture – that is what you’ll find at Capofaro Malvasia and Resort on the island of Salina, 40 kilometres off the coast of Sicily. Surrounded by vineyards that produce the island’s traditional Malvasia wine, the property boasts a view of the sea with the Stromboli and Panarea islands in the background. Everything here is geared towards giving guests a true taste of la dolce vita. Ease into the Mediterranean pace of life at Capofaro, which offers spaces for recreation and relaxation, plus a restaurant featuring a Cucina Tasca concept where only local seasonal products are served.

Owner: Lucio Mastrogiovanni Tasca

Maîtresse de Maison: Margherita Vitale

Chef: Ludovico De Vivo


Coque, Spain

The family-owned restaurant, Coque, is run by three brothers who took over the property that their grandfather opened in 1949. Located 19 kilometres from downtown Madrid, it was completely redesigned by architect Nacho García de Vinuesa, who masterfully intertwined modern and traditional. It’s an ideal setting for Mario Sandoval’s cuisine made from products grown in the family’s kitchen garden and paired with some of the 2500 wines kept in the property’s cellar.

Owners: Mario, Rafael and Diego Sandoval

Chef: Mario Sandoval


Belcanto, Portugal

Opened in 1958, Belcanto has earned two Michelin stars and sits in Lisbon’s historic centre. Now run by owner and chef José Avillez, the restaurant puts a new twist on Portuguese cuisine in a muted upscale setting. It only seats 28 guests, who are whisked away on a gastronomical journey for the senses, complete with a wine list painstakingly curated by resident sommelier Rodolfo Tristão.

Owner and Chef: José Avillez

Maître de Maison: Luís Reis

Assistant Chef: David Jésus

Sommelier: Rodolfo Tristão


North Island, Seychelles

North Island is a small yet breathtaking natural wonder home to a resort tucked away in the coconut groves. With the smallest one measuring 450 square metres, the property’s private villas are all made from local materials and built in a secluded area. It’s a getaway fit for a king, to be relished in bare feet.

 Owner: Bruce Simpson

Maître de Maison: Jonathan Lithgow


Duba Plains Camp, Botswana

Located in northern Botswana in the Okavango Delta, Duba Plains Camp is the place to re-centre yourself. Surrounded by fig, ebony and garcinia trees, the camp site boasts a stunning view of the seemingly endless plains in the area. Safari-style tents provide spacious suites that include a bathroom and outdoor shower, toilet stall and a veranda overlooking the flood plain. After a long day under the African sun, some of the favorite activities for guests are a cool dip in the pool or dinner on the wooden elevated bridge under the trees. 

Owners: Great Plains Conservation, Dereck & Beverly Joubert

Maître de Maison: Dorian Hoy

Chef: Pierre Van Zyl


Esiweni Lodge, South Africa

Located in one of South Africa’s private reserves, Esiweni Lodge lies in the middle of Zululand. This hotel, built on top of a hill, offers activities like safaris and starlit dinners for an encounter with the African wilderness. Its’ five suites have a view of the Sunday River and a panoramic vista of the savanna and the African bush. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience made even better by Nambiti’s incredible scenery and 280 species of birds. 

Owners and Maîtres de Maison: Sophie Vaillant and Ludovic Caron


Helena Bay Lodge, New Zealand  

Helena Bay Lodge sits in a natural setting in northern New Zealand. Bordered by almost three kilometres of coastline, the hotel has four private beaches and countless secluded coves. To ensure guests have a peaceful stay, the adults-only lodge offers five suites with ocean views. Italian chef Michele Martino is busy in the kitchen creating new daily menus, which can be enjoyed near the main house in the great outdoors.

Maître de Maison: Neil McFarlane

Chef: Michele Martino


Akelarre, Spain

A Relais & Châteaux member since 1999, Akelarre has added a highly architectural boutique hotel to its Michelin three-star restaurant. Every room has a stunning view of the Cantabrian Sea, offering amazing sunsets.

Owner: Pedro Subijana Reza

Maître de Maison: Pedro Subijana Reza

Chef: Pedro Subijana Reza

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