Napo Wildlife Center: Lush rainforest landscapes and panoramic suites

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Spot wildlife at its purest at Napo Wildlife Center, located in the heart of Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park – a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – an eco-lodge managed by native kichwas.

Enjoy sunrise from the window of one of the four cosy brand-new suites; built on the shores of “Anangu” Lagoon each with its own private Jacuzzi with forest views. The new Napo Wildlife Center suites feature a panoramic floor right in the middle of the living room, where caimans, hoatzins and sometimes giant otters can be spotted.

Start the day having a hearty breakfast with an aboriginal guide of the “Anangu” Kichwa Community, who will share their ancestral territory, and speak about their voluntary ban of hunting, fishing and logging, decided more than 15 years ago.

With the construction of the panoramic suites, the eco-lodge now has 20 cabins, 12 of them standard. Guests at Napo also have access to two observation towers that are 40 metres high, built to admire the canopy level of the forest and the fauna that lives in the top of the trees, a personalised experience in the middle of the jungle.

Yasuni National Park spans more than one million hectares and offers a plethora of fauna, and learning opportunities about the aboriginal groups like Waorani and Kichwa.

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