Accelerate your expertise with Globus family of brands’ new Travel Consultant Accreditation Program

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In conjunction with its Agent Reward Program, Passport-to-Rewards, Globus family of brands has developed a new Travel Consultant Accreditation Program: Friends of the Family.

Designed to assist agents accelerate their knowledge and expertise across all Globus family of brands products (Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways), Friends of the Family is an interactive channel that will not only improve brand understanding, but offer recognition and rewards.

By hitting various learning and sales milestones through bite-size sessions (average viewing time of five minutes), agents will achieve one of four status levels: Enthusiast, Specialist, Ambassador or Legend. Once the brand’s Fundamentals curriculum has been completed, agents will receive a bonus 500 Passport-to-Rewards points.

Points can be exchanged for a variety of goods including electronics, sporting equipment and gift cards. Globus family of brands’ national marketing manager, Chris Fundell, said the brands’ exciting new look at agent training creates a fun and collaborative approach.

“Each module has been filmed or voiced by Globus family of brands’ employees, allowing agents to get to know who’s working behind-the-scenes, not just their on-the-road sales reps,” said Mr Fundell. “In addition, the use of a series of Quick Quizzes, as opposed to the traditional final exam, allows for further knowledge retention while addressing time pressures many travel agents experience.”

The Travel Consultant Accreditation learning program consists of five e-learning curricula: GFOB Fundamentals, which have just launched; with Globus Advanced, Cosmos Advanced, Monograms Advanced and Avalon Waterways Advanced, set to continue to roll out over the coming months.

Participants must achieve 80% in all Quick Quiz modules in order to pass. Alternatively they will need to repeat the section and retake the quiz. To participate, agents must be signed up to Passport-to-Rewards.

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