Bhaya Group launches new exotic itineraries on Halong Bay

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Bhaya Group has launched a new set of two-day-one-night and three-day-two-night itineraries for all three cruise brands: The Au Co Luxury Cruise, Bhaya Classic & Premium Cruises and Bhaya Legend Private Cruise.

This new itinerary is the result of the group’s hard-working travel experts and travel consultants after extensive research. The new route aims to enhance the guest experience with less touristy and more pristine attractions in Halong Bay. Passengers will cruise further to remote corners of Halong Bay away from the popular and crowded areas, partly reducing tourist overload at these areas as well as indirectly minimising environmental pollution.

Ba Ham Lake: Located about 25 kilometres from Tuan Chau International Passenger Port, the area comprises
three round pits enclosed by limestone mountains. The pits are connected by narrow and dark tunnels, creating a perfect landscape for kayaking. This is also the best way to discover this area by paddling through limestone caves and enjoying the beach area found on the other side.

Tien Ong Cave: Covering an area of nearly 1000 square metres, the cave offers stunning stalactites and
stalagmites. In addition to its natural aesthetic value, Tien Ong Cave is also an archaeological site; studies of stone artefacts found within the cave have shown that humans inhabited the area 10,000-2000 BCE. Tien Ong Cave will intrigue both leisure travellers and history enthusiasts.

Pearl farming in Tung Sau area: Halong pearls, which have been exported worldwide, are known for their perfection. During the Halong Bay cruise with Bhaya Group, guests will have the opportunity to visit a pearl farm, then complete their cruise with a hearty lunch in authentic Vietnamese style served right on the floating platform.

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