Tahiti Tourisme takes travel agents to paradise

A group of level three travel agents have just returned from a luxury famil in paradise.

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A group of level 3 travel agents have just returned from a luxury famil in paradise. Hosted by Tahiti Tourisme Australia, they stayed at some of the most coveted resorts on the planet.

Aiming to provide a first-hand experience of one of the most talked about destinations in the industry, Tahiti Tourisme Australia took the agents to five resorts to showcase the variety of holidays, destinations and activities that The Islands of Tahiti offer.

Arriving at each of their destinations – Kia Ora Resort, Rangiroa; Les Relais de Josephine, Rangiroa; Four Seasons, Bora Bora; Intercontinental Resort & Thalasso Spa, Bora Bora; The Brando, Tetiaroa – the agents were greeted in traditional Tahitian manner with a hei (Tahitian flower garland).

Embraced by the magic of the islands, the agents were in awe of the beauty and the atmosphere that welcomed them. Each island has its own distinct beauty and the agents were able to explore the different possibilities that Rangiroa, Bora Bora and Tetiaroa offer.

Rangiroa is located in the Tuamotu Archipelago and is the second largest atoll in the world. It is world renowned as a spectacular diving and fishing destination and a great alternative for adventure seekers. Rangiroa’s resorts Kia Ora and Les Relais de Josephine are set in paradise surrounded by a vivid blue lagoon. With traditional Polynesian architecture among the palm trees, crystal clear water, glorious sunshine and pink sandy beaches, the resorts take your breath away.

With the over water bungalows, the Four Seasons Bora Bora and Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa are the most well-known locations in The Islands of Tahiti. The island is a volcano set over magnificent waters, with infinite shades of blue as the shallow lagoon drops into the deep blue ocean.

Surrounded by dynamic scenery, the Tahitian bungalows offer direct access into the lagoon as guests plunge from their bedrooms into the water. Swimming with stingrays or watching the wildlife as guests lie in the sun, these resorts are perfect for a guilt-free and relaxing holiday.

Like Bora Bora, Tetiaroa is also in the Society Archipelago. A favourite of celebrities and royalty, The Brando on Tetiaroa is a remote resort with privacy and luxury at the heart of the island. Covered in coconut trees with long and deserted beaches offering aqua blue waters, Tetiaroa is the epitome of a tropical island. With no other islands in sight and a strict policy around privacy, guests indulge in the most luxurious holidays imaginable with spa treatments, fine dining, and water activities all in the comfort of knowing only a handful of guests are sharing the island with them.

Living it up during the opportunity of a lifetime, the agents enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of The Islands of Tahiti and experienced first-hand the luxury that guests experience. The four agents were chosen for the famil because of their fantastic sales of land package holidays to The Islands of Tahiti. Danny Cahalan from Solve Travel Management, Nicole Santucci from Connelly and Turner Travel Associates, Gloria Gammo from GG Inspired and Smart Flyer, and Ann-Catherine Turner from Turner and Jones Travel Associates, were able to experience the stunning holidays that they continually work hard to sell to their clients.

Tahiti Tourisme hosts three agent famils per year. Beneficial for Tahiti Tourisme, the agents and ultimately
the clients, the famil attendees can now speak about the destinations with first-hand experience. Agents can register their bookings with Tahiti Tourisme to be in with a chance of being chosen for an exclusive trip.

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