Alba Wellness offers true Japanese Onsen experience in Vietnam

Take an Onsen journey in Hue's 'holy water'

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Alba Wellness Resort in Hue, Vietnam, was built on the birthplace of a legendary natural hot spring, thought to be a source of “holy water” that rose from the depths of the Truong Son mountain chain. In 1928, this “holy water” was officially discovered by French doctor Albert Sallet, who studied thermo-mineral spring sources in South Vietnam. Later, this natural hot spring was named Alba by the owners of Alba Hospitality.

Alba natural hot spring is considered a precious treasure of Alba Wellness Resort. Analysis undertaken by French geologist Henri Fontaine in 1957 showed that Alba was a balanced mineral water, containing calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium and other minerals, while further scientific evidence has also proven that Alba hot spring can be compared with famous European thermal mineral water sources, such as Vichy in France.


Using this “holy water”, Alba Wellness Resort is proud to have a 2,000-square-metre Onsen & Spa centre, which was designed in a minimalist style with a sense of warmth and elegance. There are separate spaces for men and women, with a range of Onsen baths and facilities both in-house and outdoor, such as Alba mineral water bath, silk bath, jet bath, garden mineral water bath, cold bath, sauna and steam bath. Each has its own specific health benefits, which complement each other to create a seven-step Onsen journey. Guests may start with any bath of their choosing, but it is advised to end the journey in the open-air bath in the traditional Japanese garden. This finale invites guests to be at one with nature and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors.

At Alba Wellness Resort, guests may take an Onsen bath in the early morning before breakfast, in the late evening to ensure a good sleep at night or just to enjoy a dip during the day and savour the scents and sounds of the forest. A glass of Alba mineral water or cold hibiscus tea is served after the bathing ritual.

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