Mary Gostelow helps launch 7Pines Resort Ibiza

Grand soiree for Mediterranean island resort

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A lot of flying was involved in the opening of 7pines Resort Ibiza last Saturday 2 June 2018. Sometime during the amazing, entertainment-filled evening, a trapeze artist performed while suspended from a balloon. A man with a rotor pack had earlier flown in, landing amid deafening noise right by the Mayor of Ibiza, the hotel’s two German owners and the German GM, Markus Lück.  They were all ready to cut the opening ribbon and fortunately Mr Rotor Pack was carrying a pair of scissors for that very purpose.  Fascinatingly, I had also flown in – not by rotor pack but via standard scheduled plane – only three hours before the party to find the 195-room hotel still in a considerable state of unpreparedness.

But that just goes to show the strength of the management skills and organisation on hand.  By 7pm that day the garden turf had all been laid and the streets and alleyways of what is essentially a village of two-storey houses had all been cleaned and tidied. Each house, by the way, holds four suites: two up and two down.  What impressed me immediately though was the staff of hundreds, including Ariana, an intern from a Bolivian hotel school who went out of her way to make me feel at home.

I put on my party frock, and by 7.10pm the party was already pumping to the Balearic Beat.  About 750 people had flown in – about two thirds, it seemed, from Germany – although I did meet a top person from the UK-based shopping giant, ASOS. Many of the Germans were friends and supporters of GM, Markus Lück, who had been planning the party since last December and planning the hotel since January 2016.

So how does one plan a hotel party for 750?  The answer is simple: hire the best event company around, and discuss every detail. Nothing must go wrong.  There was never an empty glass that evening; Veuve Clicquot bottles were carried around with gusto, as were the hors d’oeuvres (delectable one-bite tuna and caviar cones on skewers). Make sure the audio system is in good working order. Have staff on hand to guide your guests over the hour-old grass turf to dinner. Then, in the hotel’s two-floor dining area – usually housing casual-shared downstairs and international gourmet with a Korean touch upstairs – it was choose-your-own dining partners. I sat with, among others, Germany’s best luxury travel writer and owner of Munich-based Traveller’s World, Reinhard Modritz, and one of the top two new-generation US travel advisors and owner of Smart Flyer, Michael Holtz.

We watched the sun set, we listened to groups on the full-size stage, we saw puppeteers manipulating 30-foot illuminated shapes and we watched the trapeze artists. To my amazement, by 8.00am the following morning the two-storey restaurant complex had been almost entirely transformed back to its usual state of elegance.

“Come on in,” said the charming Spanish maître d’, as the Portuguese head chef and his team finished setting up an amazing breakfast buffet, with fruits and nuts, Pastoret yoghurts and French butters (Echiré) and English jams (Tiptree). This hotel – named for the pines found all over the island – is ready to impress guests with its pools, gorgeous beaches and infectious island atmosphere.

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