Savenio Symposium a “huge success”

New suppliers knocking at the door to be part of luxury network

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Luxury travel agency network Savenio has heralded its inaugural member travel Symposium, held last Friday and Saturday in Brisbane, as a major success.

Some 40 Independent Travel Designers attended the Savenio Symposium, which was arranged to celebrate the thriving business and bring together members for learning opportunities.

Members are relishing the ability to run their businesses independently, but benefit from the connections of the wider Savenio network, Managing Director David Brandon said.

The two-day event gave the group’s travel designers the opportunity to hear from and chat with suppliers from the likes of Crystal Cruises, Etihad Airways, Air Tickets, Allianz and Sabre.

Andrew Challinor, National Sales Manager and David Brandon, MD fielding questions during the Savenio Symposium.

“The Symposium was very successful and the feedback was amazing,” Brandon told LATTE from Los Angeles overnight.

“Savenio has a great support team and a fantastic culture and I was really pleased to hear many of the independent travel designers who attended on the weekend saying they should have joined the network a long time ago.”

Brandon said the company’s sign ups have continued to grow this year, with the numbers “increasing month on month.

But the reality is that the numbers aren’t our focus. Savenio is about the quality of the adviser and that’s why our goal is to be recognised as the natural home for luxury advisers – that is, the top 2% of the industry – and we are on our way to achieving this.
Savenio Managing Director, David Brandon

“[Our members] are the best of the best in the travel business and our independent travel advisers love being among like minded people, with the same goals, standards and commitment to their work.

“Undoubtedly our independent model, where advisers operate their own business, with access to the benefits of Savenio’s network and support services, is very appealing, as is the fact that our advisers earn 100% of up front commissions,” he said.

Brandon also confirmed new suppliers are continually approaching Savenio because they “recognise the calibre of Savenio’s advisers, and this means they are able to offer their clients some fantastic advantages and benefits that you just can’t get anywhere else.”

Quizzed by LATTE if Symposium 2019 is on the agenda for Brisbane again, Brandon said: “Our advisers really enjoyed the opportunity to network and share information with their peers while our Suppliers are knocking on the door to be involved next year, but we have not made a decision on when or where Symposium 2019 will be held.”

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