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Maiden season schedule set

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Australian cruise line Coral Expeditions is heightening expectations for its new expedition cruise vessel, Coral Adventurer, announcing new details of the maiden 2019/2020 season, set to commence on 22 April 2019.

The progress of Coral Adventurer at shipbuilder Vard is on schedule, with all construction milestones on track, the ship’s steelwork completed, and major equipment successfully installed.

Build has commenced on the ship’s lightweight dual Xplorer expedition tenders. These open safari boats will extend the capabilities of the ship beyond current cruise industry benchmarks by allowing rapid deployment of all passengers in two small groups of 60 on shore excursions. Designed for fast transit with open views and resting on hydraulic platforms slung off the rear of the vessel, the Xplorers can cruise up rivers, land on beaches, and disembark at village piers, allowing the mother ship to venture far off the beaten path. The Xplorer tenders are a trademark feature of all Coral Expeditions ships, and their operation has been refined over the past 20 years of daily operations.

Following extensive testing and shakedown cruises in March and April 2019, Coral Adventurer will start service in Singapore with a traditional launch ceremony on 22 April 2019 before embarking on its sold-out maiden voyage – the first of a series themed “In The Trail of Tasman”, bound for Darwin. The 18-day expedition cruise through the Indonesian Archipelago will retrace the historic explorations of Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who was first to map the coastlines of New Zealand, New Guinea and Northern Australia in the 17th century.

All Coral Adventurer’s cabins are outward-facing with the majority having French windows and private balconies. Two spacious suites of 55 square metres will feature bathrooms with picture windows. There are multiple indoor and outdoor bars with lounge seating, inviting guests to sit back and watch the panorama unfold outside. A guest observation lounge located in the bridge (a Coral Expeditions’ trademark) will allow guests to immerse themselves in the navigation activity.

A new addition will include a special purpose room allowing guests to enjoy art workshops, photographic tutelage and scientific research projects that will be incorporated into the voyage experience.

Drawing upon the company’s pioneering roots, the Coral Expeditions team has developed a diverse range of expeditions for its newest ship in the tropical region north of Australia. The voyages are designed to maximise the technology and expedition capabilities of the ship.

Following its inaugural voyage, the Coral Adventurer will start its scheduled season through April 2020. The schedule includes:


  • Wildlife and Warriors of West Papua – Experience the crossroads of civilisation in rarely visited West Papau, with a loop through remote islands along the coast and visits to lush National Parks and traditional villages. Sailing 10-nights round-trip from Darwin, departing 13 May.
  • The Kimberley Coast – A series of 10-night trips between Broome and Darwin exploring the ancient and breathtaking Kimberly Coast, a region that Coral Expeditions pioneered and has been sailing for 24 years. Coral Adventurer will offer 12 trips on the Kimberley Coast between May and September.
  • Customs and Craftsmen of Papua New Guinea – Circle Papua New Guinea and discover the enduring culture of seldom-visited regions over 22-nights from Darwin to Cairns. This themed cultural and art cruise will be hosted by renowned curator and collector Mr. Arthur Beau Palmer and departs 8 October.
  • Frontier Lands of Papua New Guinea – An immersion in one of the last great wilderness areas on the planet with destinations including the Sepik River. Sailing 12-nights from Cairns to Madang, departing 31 October.
  • Papua New Guinea: Australian Geographic Society Expedition – A special voyage along the coast of Papua New Guinea with guest lecturers and historians of the Australian Geographic Society. Sailing 12-nights from Madang to Cairns, departing 12 November.
  • Papua New Guinea Circle – An unforgettable circle of the land that time forgot experiencing some of the world’s most exotic and untouched regions as they emerge into the 21st Century. Offered in two parts: 12-nights from Cairns to Wewak, departing 25 November; and 13-nights from Wewak to Darwin, departing 7 December.
  • Spice Islands and Raja Ampat – An immersive voyage visiting colonial forts and palaces with opportunity to absorb the aromas of vibrant spice markets and to explore some of the world’s best marine reserve destinations. Sailing 12-nights from Darwin to Biak, departing 21 December.


  • Spice Islands: Australian Geographic Society Expedition – A special voyage of the Spice Islands with guest lecturers and historians of the Australian Geographic Society Sailing 12-nights from Biak to Darwin, departing 2 January.
  • Komodo Dragons & Krakatoa, 1 & 2 – Taking expedition cruising to the next level, these journeys venture deep into the wilds of Indonesia with highlights including Komodo Island, home of the famed dragons, Anak Krakatua in the Sunda Strait, and the coral gardens of remote Pulau Alor with some of the best snorkelling in the region. Two departures: Sailing 17-nights from Darwin to Singapore, departing 15 January; and 18-nights from Singapore to Darwin, departing 2 February.
  • Australia to Sulawesi: In the Wake of the Makassans 1 – Explore the paradise of Indonesia’s less-visited islands while experiencing traditional lifestyles in a region of astounding beauty. Destinations include Palau Alor, Lamalera, Sagori, Torajaland, Tana Beru, Flores, Komodo and Takabonerate. Sailing 14-nights from Darwin to Makassar, departing 27 February.
  • Sulawesi Circumnavigation: In Search of the Seafaring Kingdom – Encounter extraordinary Sulawesi, famed for its remote regions of remarkable cultural heritage and rare species. Visit the Bajo people in their stilt villages built over water, dive at world-renowned reef locations, and much more. Sailing 20-nights round trip from Makassar, departing 12 March.
  • Sulawesi to Australia: In the Wake of the Makassans 2 – Covering the same itinerary as the February departure in reverse. Sailing 14-nights from Makassar to Darwin, departing 1 April.

Staterooms on the Coral Adventurer are priced comparably to other Coral Expeditions trips, and are all-inclusive with daily excursions, meals and beverages including beer and wine at meals included in a single cruise fare.

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