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Tower Travel Management first American customer to switch over

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Tramada Systems this week announced the successful completion of the rollout of its agency automation technology solution, tramada, to Tower Travel Management in the United States. Established in 1979, Tower Travel Management is headquartered in Illinois and targets the business travel market.

Tower Travel Management is one of a number of businesses in North America that the Australian-born Tramada Systems is working with, which has now successfully migrated to the cloud-based agency automation software.

“The implementation of tramada provides Tower with an industry-leading travel management platform that supports agency growth by improving efficiencies and enhancing productivity,” the companies said in a joint statement.

Tramada Systems expanded its presence into the North America market in June last year. This move comes after a three-year investment – and a further eight since launching the tramada platform in 2010 – in developing a system for travel agents in Australia and New Zealand, of which a number have international operations.

CEO of the Australian mid- and back-office technology solution provider, Jo O’Brien, told LATTE it was clear to Tramada Solutions’ clients in Australia and New Zealand that the company, and her business, “had in fact created a unique platform for forward-thinking travel agents everywhere who need a technology partner to support them now and into the future, and who made a commitment to a process of continuous improvement”.

O’Brien explained that about 90% of the tramada solution was universal and applicable to the US market, but required the system to be adapted in three areas:

  1. Accommodating for differences in financial processing
  2. Integrations with certain technologies, some of which we have not yet seen in Australia such as the Apollo GDS, and some that have added value to our local clients such as Magnatech for tickets on hold and uMapped for interactive itineraries
  3. User interface adjustments, such as American spelling, terminology and date format.

Currently, Tramada Solutions has around 400 clients using tramada in Australia and New Zealand, including a “strong relationship with Virtuoso looking after the best luxury agents in the world”.

Questioned by LATTE if expansion in North America could also involve the Canadian and Mexican travel markets, O’Brien confirmed that for the time being her company was wholly focused on the USA. “That’s were we see a great need and lots of opportunity.”

“Today we are already offering parts of our solution in Europe and Asia. And because we have clients to whom we’ve committed to providing solutions in all their regions of operation, we’re planning over the long term to offer our complete solution on a global basis,” O’Brien added.

Since adopting tramada, Tower Travel Management’s President and CEO John Smith said the system is “already delivering on its promise to enhance agent productivity”.

“Not only has the software made our business processes more productive and efficient overall, it has freed our agents from many manual, repetitive tasks and allowed them to better focus on providing exceptional service to clients. The real-time operational reports are providing such valuable insights which alone will save us significant time and ultimately help with improving our client satisfaction index.”

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