Viking Sun world cruise divided up

Four new journeys ranging from 38 to 87 days

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Viking Cruises has released four new cruise itineraries ranging from 38 to 87 days. The itineraries combine to form the epic 245-day Viking Ultimate World Cruise, a round-trip from London departing in August 2019 and the third world cruise on board the Viking Sun.

The new additions include:

  • 31 August 2019 – British Isles to Eastern Seaboard: A 41-day cruise sailing from London to New York, visiting 11 countries, 24 guided tours with four overnight stays.
    Uncover the fascinating history of the British Isles, sail through stunning Norwegian fjords to explore Iceland and Greenland before arriving in the cosmopolitan city of New York. Priced from $19,995pp in a Veranda Stateroom or $25,995pp in a Penthouse Veranda stateroom.
  • 10 October 2019 – The Americas and the Chilean Fjords: An 87-day sailing from New York to Los Angeles, visiting 18 countries, 38 guided tours and nine overnight stays. Explore the treasures of the West Indies before rounding Cape Horn to visit the southernmost town of Ushuaia, Argentina. Cruise the west coast of South America, immersing yourself in the vibrant culture before arriving in Los Angeles. Priced from $38,995pp in a Veranda Stateroom or $47,995pp in a Penthouse Veranda.
  • 04 January 2020 – South Pacific and The Land Down Under: A 38-day cruise from Los Angeles to Sydney, visiting seven countries with 15 guided tours and two overnight stays. Cruise the beautiful Pacific Ocean with visits to the alluring French Polynesian islands. Enthralling Māori culture will beckon to you in New Zealand before crossing the Tasman Sea to Tasmania and finally, Sydney. Priced from $19,995pp in a Veranda Stateroom or $25,995pp in a Penthouse Veranda.
  • 11 February 2020 – Australia, Asia, Europe & Beyond: An 82-day journey from Sydney to London, visiting 21 countries, 39 guided tours with eight overnight stays. This captivating cruise follows the east coast of Australia before visiting China, Thailand and India. Experience the wonder of Egypt, the romance of Italy and Spain before arriving at your final destination, London. Priced from $38,995pp in a Veranda stateroom or $47,995pp in a Penthouse Veranda.

“By breaking the Ultimate World Cruise into four segments, it becomes more accessible to passengers
who may not be able to commit to 245 days. These itineraries are created to maximise time in port
and give passengers an extensive cultural experience,” said Lubica Sibikova, Viking Product and Operations

For more information, contact Viking Cruises at 138 747, or visit

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