Switzerland invites travellers to ‘Taste My Swiss City’

Eat your way through 11 Swiss cities

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Switzerland Tourism has unveiled a campaign centred around the European country’s culinary offering, called Taste My Swiss City. Curated and compiled by local foodies, the self-guided culinary tours are offered in 11 Swiss cities and include up to 7 hand-picked restaurants, bars, bistros and cafes, linked by leisurely walks.

The strategy behind the Taste My Swiss City campaign is simple, says Switzerland Tourism’s Director for Australia and New Zealand, Mark Wettstein.

“We created special city experiences for visitors from a surprising perspective to help them “temporarily” become a part of Switzerland for a brief moment. The guests will discover the city through the eyes of a local. The quality of life, the Swiss lifestyle and the density of experiences in our boutique towns are the main focal points,” Wettstein told LATTE this week.

The program will also help visitors gain a better understanding of the local ways of life, culture and the ongoing evolution of the cities.

Switzerland Tourism enlisted a diverse mix of foodies coming from different walks of life and professions, including perfumery, watchmaking and photography. Their common attribute is a passion for food.  And it’s “much more” than just a dine-around program, insists Wettstein.

“The unusual menu comprises four to seven stops and the walking tour is not only a chance to explore the city away from the mainstream spots, but also to see a different side of the city’s food scene. The rather different view of the culinary landscape is thanks to the insiders, who will guide you through the city, virtually. Whether trendy, cultural or elegant, guests can choose a culinary expert to suit their tastes and be amazed by their great tips! It’d be quite unlikely for a visitor to discover that tucked-away pub, little bar or rooftop garden without the help of a local,” Wettstein explained.

“With the selection of restaurants, the aim is to have the visitors experience something special at every single stop. For this reason, guests will not simply be served up something from the menu, but instead, a special little delicacy created just for this tour.

“The dish will be big enough to satisfy, but not so much that you feel too full to enjoy the next stage of the tour, where the next restaurant and next course of this special urban surprise menu awaits. So with guests being served a tasting snack or drink at each stop, at the end of the tour, they will have consumed roughly the size of a tasting menu while discovering some unusual places around the city.”

Taste My Swiss City tours are available in Basel, Bellinzona, Bern, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Lausanne, Locarno/Ascona, Lugano, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Vevey/Montreux and Winterthur. To participate in one of the culinary tours, visitors need to book online and receive a ticket. Upon presentation of the ticket at the participating eateries on the chosen tour, they will be served a specialty dish or drink.

Travel agents can earn commission on Taste My Swiss City packages when booking through Excite Holidays.

See www.MySwitzerland.com/tastemyswisscity.

To find out more about the foodies and their background stories, go to https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-au/taste-my-swiss-city-persona-interviews.html

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